Are women easyer to fall in love than men?

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Men and women love differently and at different speeds. Following the scheme of “the hunter,” you, on the contrary, reducing their chances to attract a partner for a long time. Only by ceasing to be “prey”, you get the chance for a serious relationship. For this we need to understand how men fall in love. For men it all starts with physical attraction. If a woman can still fall in love with a guy who she is not attractive physically, because “respects” it, it is totally impossible for men.

Recently in America conducted an experiment: lovely guy and a girl put a great photo on a Dating site, but out went to special makeup and costume, in which it seemed that they had a serious weight.

All the guys who came out with suddenly “growing” (compared to her photo on the website) the girl who almost immediately asked about her weight and left.

The girls discovered a more complete guy, let him kiss you on the cheek and hug when meeting and parting, and held with him the whole date, we have treated him much softer.

After divorce, many Western women who gained weight, starting to exercise and lose weight, then quickly find a new partner. For the ladies it's simple: if you're slender and not “computerese men's brains” — you can easily find a partner.

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