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in which period of time if a woman not possible to get pregnancy even if a man ejaculates inside her virgin

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Any modern women, especially unmarried girls should know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptives are effective, but not effective for 100 percent. And of course, contraceptives may not always be at hand. What to do in such cases? There are simple ways that you need to learn to use and count so that the safe days were not a matter of coincidence, but a conscious approach to planning the pregnancy.

Please be aware that a woman can become pregnant only during ovulation. This process occurs at intervals of 20-35 days. Significant changes in ovulation occur after abortion, within a year after delivery or premenopausal period.

You can define the safe days, knowing some important physiological points: Ovulation is the process of a few days(10-18) before the next monthly female flux;

-the egg lives for a day; sperm is viable up to three days.

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You should track approximately twelve (can be less) menstrual periods of duration of which may be the shortest and the longest. For example, 25 days and 30 days. Now you can calculate the safe days following formula:

25 18 7

30 10 20

It turns out that safe sex is considered twenty days after the seventh day of the menstrual cycle.

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Watch the amount of mucous secretions formed before ovulation. In the last days of the period, you should pay attention to their consistency. All observations should be recorded in a special table. Healthy women will have "dry" excretions from the 6th to the 10th day after the 18th, and the vaginal area dry.

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There is such a period as safe days after menstruation when the egg is not yet ripe or already dead.

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