Being Happy & Looking Good: Is The Best Revenge, Yes Or No? What Do You Think?

lol, My friends and I are of course, not doing much work, but we were having a convo about revenge. One of my friends says that she wants to get revenge on her ex-best friend by doing something mean. We had a long argument because I was saying to her that "looking good and being happy, is truly the best revenge"

What do you guys and girls think?

Do you think that it is better to seek to humiliate or be mean to an ex (friend, lover, or someone that wronged you) or is it better to try to have them see you looking hot, and feeling good?

What would hurt more, seeing someone that you used to care for who is now looking like damn near Beyonce or Halle, or seeing that person get you back in a mean way

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while looking good and getting a make over is good for someone who just hadf a heart break since it can help boost self esteem, however the reason for this positive change should not be for revenge, it should be for you to be ablke to move on

doing it for revenge is just a sign of accepting defeat, therefore its a wasted energy

the best way to revenge is to forgive and move on

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