Best Valentine day Nigerian Nollywood movies – 5 top

Love romance? Watch the best love movies on the special occasion of Valentine day date.

Saint Valentine’s Day is special holiday for everyone, who has girlfriend, boyfriend, or just want to say “I love you” to close-up people and family. But how can you make it special? Is it possible to create romantic atmosphere and avoid money wasting? We know how to do it and ready to share it with you! Get the best love movie list. 

Best Valentine day Nigerian Nollywood movies

Romantic dinners with candles, cute postcards, and other traditional things might seem boring to the modern people. Besides, you may want to stay at home in a cozy atmosphere and spend some time with beloved one. Why wouldn’t you watch a film then? There are many wonderful ones, which absolutely suit the occasion. Do you want to know about the best Nigerian Nollywood movies for the Valentine’s day? Let’s observe them.

How to select the best movie for Valentine day date? 

Best Valentine day Nollywood movies Even if you have decided, what exactly to do, it may be difficult to make a choice. What film should you select? It is better to follow some important criteria, which make a certain motion picture appropriate for the Valentine’s Day. We offer the following ones:

It must be about love. It is quite obvious, right? Relations should be in the centre of attention and to be the key thing in the plot. However, the love might be different. There can be sexual attraction and passion, innocent love, distance love, pure and faithful love, and so forth. A certain type may depend on spectators' age. If you are young lovers, or teenagers, it is better to select something connected with innocent and pure love, while more experienced people might select a movie about sexual relations.

Best Valentine day movies – 5 topStoryline. It should be simple and clear. Both viewers must be able to understand everything, what's happening in film. The relations must be clear enough in order to make it possible to guess, what may happen. Besides, it must create romantic atmosphere.

Background. Sometimes it is vital, where the action actually takes place. For many movie lovers it's necessary to feel involved and see familiar things. Thus, you can have a kind of parallel between something that is going on in film and your own relationships.

Soundtrack. It is very essential thing. You probably know that there are songs form movies, which have become legendary. Music can create necessary mood and atmosphere even faster and more effective that the plot. Instrumental music is usually more influential, as it can touch every tiny part of the soul. Thus, good soundtrack is half-way to a successful romantic film.

Possible genres

There are several movie styles, which you can select for such occasion. They are different, but each of them is absolutely romantic in its own way. The list of genres includes the following:

  1. Comedy. Remember that they might be different and not any comedy is suitable for such occasion. You should select a romantic one. It might be even the one about Valentine’s Day or about  Valentine day Nigerian Nollywood movies Christmas, as latter are more vivid and heart-felt.
  2.  Drama. It is the most widespread genre. It is almost always about love. Nevertheless, make sure it has a happy ending. Otherwise, special mood might be spoiled and both of you will feel sad.
  3.  Action. It's hard to believe, but such films are very popular on such holiday. For example, you can select one about a hero, who rescues a beautiful woman. It is also possible to choose a movie, where love story is not the main line, but it still presents in the plot.
  4. Best Valentine day movies – 5 toFamily. Such movies or even cartoons are really nice choice. They are kind, full of hope, and always have a happy end. If you select one of them, you will never be disappointed.
  5. Science fiction. Not everyone likes simple movies about ordinary people. In such films the action may take place anywhere at any time. There are usually some deep things in them. Different epochs might be connected here also. There exists great symbolism as well. So if both of you are thoughtful people – try something of this genre.

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Best Valentine day movies for Nigerians

Now, when know about possible genres, we may propose you films, which will make any Valentine’s Day special. You can find the best Valentine day Nigerian Nollywood movies among them as well. Our list includes:

  1. Half Of A Yellow Sun. Main characters are Olanna and Kainene. They are beautiful twins from a rich Nigerian family. Both girls return to Nigeria after getting education in England. Their choices are very different and surprising for their family. One woman decides to live with professor in a dusty university town, while the other one becomes a successful businesswoman. However, the latest suddenly falls in love with English writer. This is a story about love – between sisters, within the family, and between a man and a woman. Among the casts, there are such actors as: Anika Noni Rose, Babou Ceesay, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Genevieve Nnaji, HakeemKae-Kazim, John Boyega, Joseph Mawle, and some others.
    Half Of A Yellow Sun.
  2. Being Mrs. Elliot. This is another Nigerian romantic comedy. Two women are in the centre of the plot. They meet two men and completely change their lives. In a maze of lust, pain, jealousy, deception, and intrigues their lives are rearranged in way that they have not foreseen as they try to make sense of finding love in unusual places. The main actors are Majid Micheal, Omoni Oboli, Ayo Makun, Sylvia Oluchy, Seun Akindele, Uru Eke, and Lepacious Bose.
    Being Mrs. Elliot Nollywood movies
  3.  When Love Happens. It’s a Nigerian romantic comedy, which tells a story about 28-year-old event planner. She is preparing the biggest weddings in town. However, she has not been married yet. This fact makes her worry and she starts desperately looking for a lover. But her love has always been in her face. The casts include Weruche Opia, Helen Paul, Desmond Elliot, OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, and the others.
    When Love Happens Nollywood movies
  4. Lova Actually. This is an absolutely Valentine’s Day movie. Although the time of action is before Christmas, it tells the stories of eight couples. They are somehow interconnected. They make choices, understand, what and whom they need, confess, and so on. The story has a happy end, and everyone gets what s/he has wanted to. Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and Keira Knightley are starring in a movie.
    Lova Actually.
  5.  The Lake House. This is a US romantic drama with some features of science fiction. Two people live in the same house, but in different times. They talk to each other by means of letters and struggle for their love. This movie really deserves your attention, especially on Valentine’s Day, as it is full of love, hope, and roofs that everything is possible. The two main actors are Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.
    The Lake House.

It's up to you to decide, how you are going to spend you Valentine’s Day. It is wonderful idea to choose romantic movie and to stay at home with someone you love. You can select from the list or to find something you like best. There're lots of prominent movies for such occasion. You just need to decide, which genre you prefer, and make sure the film corresponds to the criteria.

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One of ways of spending such special day for people, who are in love is to watch some special and romantic movie. You can prepare some romantic supper and enjoy watching a film together. But the separate question is how to choose a film, which would suit for both - man and woman. My husband and i have seen a film Serendipity resently, and we liked it both. It is an interesting movie, where two people desided that whether they are created for each other the fate would give them a sign. It is also a Christmas movie, so you can completely enjoy it at this period of the year.

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