Bi o se le ba obinrin soro ife?

Bi o se le ba obinrin soro ife? How do you approach a pretty lady on the street and toast her?

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I like women lady. I treat them positively with respect. Usually these women waste a lot of time to look. I do not like that. I can not draw eyes, but children well fed and gather to school. In most of these young ladies are housewives who do all the domestic work. They are also involved in raising children. Without parties to the lady could not have such a good view. I respect the choice of each individual. They like the choice. I got used to the simple daily life full of troubles. I enjoy my life and do not want to change. I zadumuyus on how to behave and what people say about me.


Toasting a girl can be scarry, because she may react in an unpleasant way. How do you do it safely? READ ALSO: Ways of toasting a girl in Nigeria


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