Bi o se le yan obinrin laayo?

Are there any working dating rules to use and suceed? Bi o se le yan obinrin laayo?

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Sure there are. I know many cases where good position occupied by means of dating. And does not matter that you are professional. Yes, I agree that the man and his mind can succeed. But in practice, this path is very difficult. I have friends whose parents occupy a good position. These children are at school studied so-so. University finished just barely. Now take a good management positions. I work as a manager of an easy credit in the bank. While all plans come with me overfulfilment but higher office is not present. That's the bitter truth.


Here are some great tips for ladies to understand How to get a guy to date you exclusively in Nigeria?

https://ask.naij.com/love-and-relations/how-to-get-a-guy-to-date-you-exclusively-in-nigeria-i23886.html Dating can be hard, but you can succeed if you know how to go about it the right way.

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