Can a guy and a girl be just friends?

How do you think, is the friendship possible between man and woman? Read this article to find some answers for those questions and make your own conclusions.

frienship between man and woman

The friendship between a male and a female is one of the fundamental questions of all times. This is the subjects of numerous discussions, debates, tractates and even the science works.
So let us try to figure out if this form of cooperation is possible between men and women.

friendship between man and woman

To start analyzing this question we have to define what the friendship is in general.
The friendship is a type of a relations between the individuals based on a mutual sympathy and mutual benefits. To be more precise, it can be considered as a symbiotic connection between two human beings, as this interaction has advantages for both of them. For example, you have a best friend which you can trust and rely on, and you provide the same for him. Both of you are benefited by having someone who can save you with advice and sometimes even with money.
But let’s go further and look at this question more sentimentally. Some people cannot differ the word “friend” from the word “comrade”. It is said that during your lifetime you meet only two or three real friends. As usual, they are people who are ready to come and provide help if you haven’t contacted for years.

friendship between man and woman

So, returning to the main topic of the article. Can a guy and a girl be just friends? The answer is too simple: it depends.
There are certain types of situations which define if the friendship between a man and a woman is possible.
First of all, it’s when both of them don’t have hidden intentions.  Most of the time guys offer their friendship to the girls when they like them and want to start serious relationships. It’s a classical men’s scheme. The main principal is become girl’s closest friend and then to “attack” with them confession, when they understand that the girl has got used to them. However, this strategy has 50/50 chances, as you risk getting to the so called “friendsone”. That’s the situation when the real friendship is not possible. Unfortunately, this situation is the most common.

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However, sometimes people are just soulmates no matter what. They don’t care about the gender and other factors. The spiritual connection between them just doesn’t let them be jealous or try to get each other to the bed. There are no misunderstandings, people trust each other the secrets, share their dreams and just feel comfortable with the situation as it is.

friendship between man and woman

Concluding everything that is exposed, just remember that you are the only one that is able to set the type of relationships with people surrounding you.

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