Can a Muslim Get Married With a Catholic?

Can a Muslim get married with a Catholic? Did you ever ask that question? If yes, then you should read this article to find out the position of the Catholic Church in this regard.

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The question of marriages between the followers of different religions is very topical for young people living in countries like Nigeria. The freedom of communication without former religious boundaries gives them way to get to know each other, and eventually, fall in love. However, would it be a good decision for a Catholic girl to marry a Muslim man? Let’s go into more details about this issue.

The Bible gives a few precise and accurate “No” to this question both in the Old and New Testament. It might be done in such a way that people would not be able to claim that this restrictions is no longer valid “as it was in the Old Testament”. No, God warns young people against marrying followers of different religions a few times on purpose.

Catholic marriage

The first mentioning of marrying a Muslim, Buddhist or any other religious people can be found in Deuteronomy, chapter 7. God warns His people against marrying pagans in order not to get corrupted and follow their gods. We read there: “When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it… When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it” (Deuteronomy 7:1-6)

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God seems very radical about this issue; however, as the history of His people showed, He was right about it. His people got married to pagans and stopped following Him which resulted in total corruption of their core values.

Moreover, I want to tell those who hope that they will marry a Muslim and convert him to follow Christ. Religions of Muslim religion and Christianity are incompatible with each other. So do not be naïve and do not think that changing his/her beliefs is as easy as to teach him to eat vanilla ice-cream instead of chocolate one.

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From the Christian or Catholic point of view, such a Muslim-Christian marriage is considered to be a sin. The New Testament contains a warning that says “When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it” This bond will not bring you happiness. As the Catholic Church teaches, you will have to struggle to believe and follow Christ as your spouse will tend to turn you the other way.

Remember the wisest king of all times – Solomon? He was a faithful follower of the Lord. He was given the greatest wisdom no one else had before and after him. He wrote a whole book of wisdom in the Bible. Yet, even this man of faith was corrupted. He married (and not even once or twice) a woman that followed the idols of her own people.

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And despite his maturity, he got interests and attracted to what her religion had to offer. Then he got married again and again and again. And by the end of his life he got lazy to fight for what he believes in that his wives persuaded him to construct a special idol for each one of their “gods”.

Thus, as you can see, these things happen even to the wisest and strongest Christian. So marrying the Muslim or any other religious person is not only a bad idea but also a sin that will make you unhappy.


Mixed marriages have always been one of the main reasons for the weakening of faith in man. Anyway, how can it be a full family, if people have different concepts about life, about problem-solving, completely different views on some things. However, the number of mixed marriages is increasing, people no longer understand what sin is, and what its essence. Today, even many priests turn a blind eye to such marriages. The solution of this problem is almost no need a child to tell the children about the problem of mixed marriages.

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In an official document issued by Catholic Church officials of the Vatican acknowledged the undesirable marriage between people of the two faiths in the first place - between a woman and a Catholic man-a Muslim.

between Islam and Christianity have a lot in common, especially concerning matters of faith, but there are large differences. So, it is argued that Islam is not enough care about human rights, and, primarily, on the rights of women, which is the more vulnerable party in the marriage.

The Vatican has long appealed to Catholics urging them to enter into marriages with followers of their own religion. Marriages between people of different faiths are declared undesirable in the first place, in the interests of children."

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Of course, the fact that people fall in love each other - very good , but the fact that they belong to different religions - do not always approve of the church and do the relatives of young people . I know that Muslims are permitted to marry only a Muslim. This is especially true of Muslim girls. They say that if the girl will masulmanskoy husband Catholic , or a Christian , he is not able to adequately educate a child in the faith . The girl was not a Muslim woman who marries a Muslim must accept his faith . That's so simple.

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