Can ex boyfriend and girlfriend be friends?

To be friends with your ex: pros and cons, good or bad, how do to deal with ex-boyfriends? These questions are very popular between most girls since a young age. Undoubtedly, the separation from your boyfriend is a moment of high emotional experiences, but it can often be a positive solution for you and him.

ex girlfrien and boyfriend

Even the strongest relationship has a crush. If you both decided that you are not destined for each other and decided to be friends, and even send SMS of congratulation to the birthday. Do is it always good to stay friends with an ex? No, not. You should understand what relations with him will bring you: nothing good, only pain and deep disappointment or a pleasant chat without any obligations. There are both pros and cons. You can see them below!

#1: He can become your best friend    

It is a huge plus. After ending the relations, you decide to stay friends. Sometimes ex-boyfriends can be girl`s the best friend. Of course, you can ask him for advice, and he can help you. For example, tell you his opinion about your current relationship, and on the contrary - you can help him. This argument is valid only if you are sure that you will never feel anything to each other except friendly sympathy.

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#2: You have mutual friends. 

Maintaining friendly relations with the ex-boyfriend is also a plus. If you have mutual friends, that means you want to maintain friendly relations with the ex, just for the sake of the group. It is the right solution if you work together or are studying in the same class. Even if you don't kiss or hold hands, at least you won`t feel yourself lonely in the company.
It is certain advantages of maintaining the friendship, but what about the cons? There are much more factors of remain friends. For whom they are important, but someone can ignore them. It all depends on specific people and specific relationships.

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#3: You can worry each other with calls and messages

The first minus could see not so significant. But it's not. When you tell your ex that you can be friends, he can start to follow you with phone messages, calls, social network messages and e-mail. You may start to bore, annoy, and once you want to forget that person forever. In the end, you were the one who allowed him to be friends. If you have a new relationship, it is unlikely that a new boyfriend will be too happy to see that you are getting the SMS at midnight from the former or he leaves his comments in social networks.

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#4: You are cheating yourself

It is the main disadvantage of friendly relations with the ex-boyfriend. When you decided to finish the relationship, it is much better than to be friends, even if he asks about it. Most likely, you'll deceive yourself and live with the hope that everything will be like before and you will again fall in love. Besides, the chance to be friends with an ex-boyfriend will make you know what is going on in his life. It`s unpleasant to know that when you spend your nights alone, he amuses himself with his new girlfriend on the beach or in the club.

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#5: He can use your vulnerability

He can use your weakness. Your ex-boyfriend can feel that your feelings have not subsided. Therefore he decides that the desire to stay friends with him it's just an excuse for extra sex. Thus, he can use your vulnerability to achieve their motives, such as the sex without commitment.
Ex-relationship may prevent you to find a new boyfriend. Although we aren't together for a long time, he can have a strange satisfaction when he knows that you are alone.

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Sometimes it's so difficult to finish the relationships with a person who you love. But when something goes wrong, you have to decide what reason to take. As for relations with an ex, firstly you have to understand what you feel. Occasional it is better to take a break and simply be friends. Maybe during this period you can change your thoughts and return past.
Someone think that it`s better to finish broken relationships and forget your past. And it`s right. Quickly, your heart will decide all instead of you. 

Take the right decision to stay friends with an ex or not. It all depends on you!

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