Can sex affect breast milk supply?

Is there a link between breast milk amount and having sex? Learn what it is.

sex and breastfeeding

Why is this so important to know? Because pregnancy and breastfeeding changes your life forever and the life of your family, too. Most husbands miss sex tremendously during the 9 months. And new mothers may worry getting busy would affect lactation negatively. So, does it or does it not?

How sex affects breastfeeding and milk supply?

Surely, there is the mutual connection there. Both processes involve such hormone as oxytocin. Women get highest levels of it, when breastfeeding. However, that same hormone is produced, when the couple has sex.

They also call it the bonding hormone of the hormone of gentleness. It evokes the strongest feelings mothers have for their babies. And it is linked to the milk production in the breasts. So, when you have sex, it boosts oxytocin levels and can increase the milk production.

breastfeeding and sex

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However, there is another link there. When lactation, women go through the hormonal roller coasters. And at times their desire to have sex faints. They do not feel it as their emotions, bodies and minds are focused on raising their little ones. So, beware of such an effect. It may cost you losing your marriage or causing the spouse to go cheating on you.

Even if you do not feel like having sex, remember that you love the man and he is the father of the baby. Show him your love by being there for him and having sex with him. That will only strengthen your family and provide a safe home for the child.

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