Can sex lead to miscarriage?

Could man and woman still enjoy sex during pregnancy? But can sex lead to miscarriage? It’s very important question. Find out the answer right now.

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If a lady wants to have a kid, she has sex. There is nothing surprising. But what about sex during the pregnancy? The answers are not obvious at all.

So can a lady have sex during her pregnancy?

While pregnancy is proceeding fine, with no problems, women may have sex as often as it’s needed. At first, your sexual desire can fade away due to hormonal fluctuations, fatigue or nausea. In the 2nd trimester the desire may flare up with renewed vigor because of the increasing blood flow to women's genitals and breasts. During the 3rd trimester the enthusiasm is likely to go back again to the downturn: women blame the back pain, huge and rapid weight gain and other ‘charms’ of the late stage of pregnancy.

Can sex in pregnancy period cause miscarriage?

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Plenty of couples worry too much that sex during women's pregnancy can cause miscarriage, particularly in the 1st trimester. Sex cannot lead to such consequences. In early pregnancy stages miscarriage usually occurs due to huge chromosomal abnormalities or problems with the developing of the fetus, but not because of your actions.

Can sex during pregnancy hurt the child?

Ladies always ask ‘whether sex while pregnant causes bad consequences’. The fetus, which is developing in the womb, is protected with the amniotic fluid. Also the entrance to the cervix is closed with the mucus plug throughout all the pregnancy. So sexual activity won't affect your child.

What poses are the most preferred during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, you also can have sex in any position, whether it cause you no discomfort. Using the experiments you can choose the most suitable positions. Also there is a position of ‘lying on your back’ or try, for example, to lie on your side close to a partner or to go on top. Use your imagination, not forgetting about mutual pleasure and, of course, comfort.

And what about anal or oral sex?

Well, during pregnancy period oral sex is safe, with one caveat. You must be sure that your sex partner doesn't blow some air into your vagina. In rare cases, air may cause a blockage of the blood vessel (air embolism) and as a sad consequence - a threat to life of the child and mother.

In general, anal sex is often not recommended during the pregnancy. Sometimes it may cause discomfort in the pregnancy period and even hemorrhoids. Moreover, thus infecting bacteria can penetrate to vagina from rectum.

Do I need to use a condom?

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Infections, sexually transmitted infections, may affect the pregnancy and future health of the child. Use a condom whether the partner is infected with infection, which is sexually transmitted. It happens if you and your partner are not in a monogamous relationship or during pregnancy you have a new partner, you need to use condoms.

May the orgasm cause preterm labor?

Orgasm causes uterine contractions, but they have nothing common with the struggles that precede labor. If the pregnancy is normal, orgasm (during the sexual intercourse or not) cannot cause the preterm labor. Also sex cannot be an impetus for the labor, even if the deadline is nearing completion.

When do you need to abstain from sex?

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Despite the fact that sex is safe for most pregnant women, sometimes ladies should be careful. The doctor may strictly recommend abstaining from sex relationship if:

There is a risk of preterm labor

  • You have frequent unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Amniotic fluid leak
  • Cervical incompetence
  • The placenta partially or completely covers the cervix (placenta previa)

What if I do not want to have sex?

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Well, there is nothing to worry about at all. Sexual relationship is not just sexual intercourse. Honestly and patiently share your needs and worries with your partner. All sex facts must be always discussed. If the sexual act is causing you discomfort and disgust or it’s forbidden because of the security reasons – you can use gentle hugs, kisses or massage, find what gives you pleasure.

How soon can I have sex after birth?

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No matter what kind of labor there is - natural one or with the use of Caesarean section - your body will certainly need time to recover. A lot of doctors recommend a break for 4 - 6 weeks. After this time, the uterus is already closed; the breaks and perineal incisions (made to facilitate childbirth) are healed. 

If you are too tired or not feeling well and even the thought of sex makes you disgusted – find another way of closeness with your partner. During the day, constantly stay in touch: exchange short calls, emails, messages. Stay alone before the start of a new day or at bedtime. During the first sex after the ‘birth break’, turn on some slow and quiet music (slow rhythm is the best for you). Use the familiar way of contraception, in case if you don't want to be pregnant again.


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