Can sexless marriages survive?

Is there a cure for a sexless marriage? These tips would help you to avoid divorce or frustration.

Can sexless marriages survive

There is no need to provide a definition of a sexless marriage. Many couples suffer from this problem and it cry out for help. There are many things you can do to fix it and make your marriage much more satisfying.

How to cure a sexless marriage

  1. Ask your spouse out on a date
    Marriage is no reason to stop dating, if you date your own spouse. We need romance and fun to spark up our relationship. Ask your wife out to a restaurant; get a room to get away from your house and kids.
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  2. No more complaining
    Nagging her or him for sex is not a good idea. It won’t get you there. You may push the spouse into few sessions, but that’s about it. Better ask them in a polite manner and motivate to action.
  3. Write them
    Sex is a hot topic in all senses. A discussion may lead to yelling and fights. To avoid all this you can just write her or him a letter. This allows you time to think things over and carefully pick your words. You can touch on some very sensitive topics and ask the spouse to write you back.
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  4. Be in the positive
    Stop doing the things that piss off your spouse. Stop being mean to them. Decide to do only the good things for them for a week or more and stay out of trouble. See, how it works.

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  5. Forget about their flaws
    When you date a person, you want them and see them as someone almost perfect. However, when you marry them, sharing a life reveals a bunch of problems and flaws. Stop focusing on those and shift your attention to the good things they have or do.
  6. Workout together
    Even if you hate it, go with your spouse and do some sweating. It’s a binding experience and you get a great reason to take a shower together afterwards.
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  7. No more hating them
    Many people confess at times they just hate their marriage partner. Such is life, but you can change that. Make an effort to actively love them instead. Sex is not a replacement for love. Do your part in loving and get rewarded with having sex.

These tips really work if you follow them with all your heart and mind. Do your part and pray to the Lord to help you with the rest of it.

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