can you date her if she was a commercial sex worker?

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No need to condemn such an act of love. Every woman wants to get what she wants. And she dreams a lot. Look what gorgeous stuff in the shops, which bags, shoes, gloves.. And all that she wants and wants. And not for myself she wants. Her nature is to seduce the male. Just for this the eyelashes, nails, Zaharchuk.. Only the stockings, bracelets and curls. But who will give it all to you. And who will drive you to relax, enjoy the sea and palm trees. This can only be you! That's why she is looking for you. Don't be afraid to be generous. Don't be afraid to be affectionate and gentle. Don't be afraid to love, knowing it is soon to end. Be yourself! She, too, will remember these moments with you. And will think about you, and fondle you, to smile at you. Isn't that love?

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