Condoms: how do you talk to your sex partner about using them?

How to talk to your partner in sex about using condoms? These 5 steps will guide you through the process!


Most people great enjoy sex. However, this activity can be dangerous. It can endanger your life by ruining your health through sexually transmitted diseases or by the unwanted pregnancy. So, how do you talk to your partner about such a sensitive issue?

Why discuss using condoms with your partner?

There are several reasons to do that. If you are a woman, you major concern is to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. If you do not wish to be a single mama or a baby mama, then you should be the one to initiate the talk about condoms to your man.

If it’s a new date, talk to him about it way before you both get hot and start getting busy. It might be too late to do it then. So, tell him ahead of time you are for the safe sex and if he wants you, he better get prepared and go condom shopping first.

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The second reason is to protect your health. HIV and other STDs can be lethal. They kill people in Africa and in Nigeria in particular. So, both men and women should be responsible for their own well being.

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How to talk about condoms’ use to your partner? 

This topic can be embarrassing for people to discuss. That’s why they need tips on it. Still, you can do it regardless of the emotions you get. Here is where you start:

  1. Safety comes first
    Yeah, you may not want to hurt their feelings or show your mistrust, bla, bla, bla. That excuse is not for adult people. Your life is so important. There is so much to do and to be. So, it’s not worth losing it over some embarrassment or hurt feelings.  So, summon up your courage and talk to him or her.
    Tell them your safety is your business and unless they use condoms, they cannot have you.
  2. Enjoyment
    Some people say that sex is not enjoyable in rubber. Well, if they cannot enjoy it using condoms, just tell them you cannot enjoy the unsafe sex! That settles it. If the man is only after your body and he means to use you and move on… well, why should you even bother?
    If he really loves you, he would understand you and use condoms.
    surprized man
  3. Trust
    You can trust a man who has taken up the full responsibility and married you. But if it is just your boyfriend, then trust should not be even discussed. “Don’t you trust me?” Well, no! Not as much as to put my life on it! That should be your rightful response. Settle it once and for all! You two are not committed to each other for life yet. So… you know.
    And if you suspect your husband or wife in cheating, you have all the rights to talk about condoms to them. Or make them go through the medical check up and run the tests to make sure you are save making love to them!
  4. Lack of experience
    Some guys say they do not know how to use a condom. Well, it’s their problem. You can either give them a few links to YouTube to learn it. Let them practice at home. Or you can do it together and watch several educational videos and play with it. It’s not the rocket science!
  5. Pregnancy
    A responsible man would always think of it. It’s not just the lady’s issue. So, just make it a rule of your love life and use condoms for sex unless you are married to your partner. And even in marriage the couple can decide to use them and limit the number of kids you have.

These 5 tips will help you to set the priorities right and do the condom talk with your partner.

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