Considering A "meet-up"'' What's Your Opinion?


there are reasons one would want to consider meeting someone you've not met beefore, its quite fascinating and hey, it's thrilling going out on dates, meeting someone new, Do you have that interest? How does it sound for the first time someone calling you up and telling you he' she will like to meet you, that he/she got your info from somewhere, Well, let's get going and stay hooked up. You neva know who the princecharming is or The pricess Diana you're gonna meet. Forget about the guy/girl you're dating, it's only a meet-up and if anything goes beyond that, Well, you're in control depending on your will-power, Do you wanna meet? there are opportunities in meeting and luck sure soars from it. Put behind you that shyness and lose yourself to life's most important gift of new-meetings!!! I bet it sure will be a swell time,

Michael B!!

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Babeelove. . .not undecided. . .more like nonchalant

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