Cowgirl sex position: How to take the most out of it?

Are you not confident enough to try the cowgirl sex position? This article will tell you how to get rid of your fears. You will also learn how to perform this position correctly!

cowgirl sex position

The modern tendencies in sex aren’t really different from the past. The most common sex position remains missionary.

But not everybody agrees that it’s the best way to make love as the man is always on top of a woman which makes it kind of boring for both of them.

That’s why it will surely be a great idea to try cowgirl sex position to change something in your sexual life.

Some girls tend to think that not everyone is able to do it properly and that it requires a lot of practice. It’s partially true as the more you do it the better you become at it.

Nevertheless, anyone can do it and you don’t have to think that it’s difficult. Fist few times might be not the best ones in your life but after a while you will realize that that experience was totally worth it.

If you feel nervous in the beginning, all these awkward feelings will go away pretty soon. If you are not sure how your man will feel about it you can always discuss it with him.

Moreover, you can ask your friends about their experience. There is a great chance they will share some secrets with you.

You should always remember that even though it won’t be perfect from the very first time, after a while your man will think of you as of a sex goddess so it’s worth trying and learning.

You don’t need to be alone while you’re preparing for it. Share your feelings about it with someone else. It’s very important that you don’t feel awkward the first time you do it.

Therefore, you need to think about your self-confidence. What do you think of yourself? How will your loved one react? In fact, there are a lot of ways to overcome your shyness.

All in all, if you really want to do it it’s not going to be that hard to prepare for this important step to improve your sex life.

How to overcome awkwardness

Do it in the darkness

It’s quite obvious that if you don’t feel confident enough about yourself than it’s a great start.

cowgirl sex position

Having sex in the dark is a great option because your partner doesn’t see your face and the other parts of your body that you might not feel confident about.

Have a drink

It’s not a good idea to get drunk. However, if you and your partner drink a little bit wine during your romantic dinner it will surely help you become more confident. But don’t overdo it!

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You are not the only one who is nervous

Don’t think that your man will laugh at you if something doesn’t work out! What is more, your partner might also be nervous as it can turn out that he has also never done it before.

Think about his feelings too. Is he confident in himself? Is he sure that everything will be great? There are a lot of things he has to think about too.

cowgirl sex position

Therefore, think about getting a pleasure instead of worrying about failure.

Think about yourself!

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking too much about how the other person feels at that moment. In general it’s not something bad.

However, when you are having sex you should first focus on your own feelings. If both of you do it, your sex will be really unforgettable. Try cowgirl position right now – don’t hesitate.

Why is it a good idea?

If you want to try sex position cowgirl you need to be on top of your man standing on your knees. You can face him or turn away. It depends on your preferences.

There are so many benefits of this position! Even though in the beginning you might find it weird, you will get used to it quite soon.

First of all, making your sexual life a little bit different isn’t a bad idea as it improves your relationship too. What is more, guys tend to last longer before coming when the girl is on top of them.

And according to most women, the orgasm is really amazing when they are in a cowgirl sex position. If you are not sure how to do it right, you might want to read more about it.

cowgirl sex position

How do I do it right?

1) Your arms

The question commonly asked by girls who want to do it is “where do I put my arms?” In the beginning you can just lean back or forward so that you can use your arms as a support.

You will notice that it’s very comfortable and you can stay like that for a long time. What is more, you will most likely feel more secured.

2) Leaning back

Leaning forward is quite easy and nice – this way you are closer to your partner. However, you can also try leaning back. The main benefit of it is that your partner will be able to see more of your body.

And he will also get a chance to stimulate your clitoris. This is the reason why cowgirl is one of the best sex positions.

3) Reverse cowgirl

After you tried the standard kind of this sex position, it’s time to go for reverse version. Most people find it extremely nice. This way your sexual partner can have a back view.

There is no way one of the partners will remain unsatisfied. Don’t you feel turned on when you’re doing it without even looking at his face? Your arms can be used here too!

4) Make it more interesting

The best way to make the process more interesting is to tease your partner. You can just get closer and start acting and then suddenly lean back so that he can’t reach you.

It will make him even more turned on and excited. Remember that sex isn’t that simple. If you want to take the most of it, you need to try different things.

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