Do fat men make better lovers?

Is there a reason why fat men do better in bed? What scientists have discovered is amazing!

fat men better lovers?

Nigerian men love curvy ladies. They think those are more attractive sexually and better perform in bed. But how about the fat men? Find out now.

Do overweight men perform better in bed?

 At the first glance it may seem, such a theory is a fail. Fat men are not as attractive, as the fit ones. That’s for one. And they are less enduring, as the fat limits their actions and loads their heart. However, scientists have a different opinion on the situation and there is why:

Men with extra pounds are more worried over their attractiveness. They think the women secretly dream about fitter guys. However, that has a very positive effect on their performance in bed. It boosts their testosterone levels and makes them last longer.

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 fat men lovers

When such men were shown the pictures of pretty women and their athletic partners, their hormonal levels rose. They felt threatened by the competitors. However, when the same photos were shown to the fit guys, they did not react in the same way.

So, not being overly confident over your body and  performance is actually good. Moreover, these fat fellows were more tuned to the women they saw and could easier recognize which ones of them were ovulating!

As you see, having few extra pounds can boost your performance and make you a better lover.

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