Do You Have An Attitude Problem?

Do You Have An Attitude Problem?

Yes. Millions of humans have issues.

In most cases, I do not blame them since they did not create themselves and are often ruled by their instinct and not their intellect.

Attitude problem is common in relationships when you have either inferiority or superiority complex and this causes social insecurity for the person among his or her peers in the society.

In Nigeria, attitude problem is common among non-Hausa tribes and they are often having issues with their personality, because of their class conscious or titular society.

Our personality depends on our level of dignity and integrity.

How much intellectual exposure we have helps us to develop personal dignity and integrity.

But the less informed we are the more insecure we feel and we may resort to posing and posturing to impress our peers or what I call ego-tripping

Looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend can affect the personality.

That is why many babes and guys tell lies, because they are not sure of themselves.

If they would be accepted as they really are.

How does indignities affect you?

How do you react to indignity?

How does indignity affect your security?

How does coming from a poor background affect your attitude in a relationship?

How does coming from a rich background affect your attitude in a relationship?

What makes you want to pretend to be what you are not?

Do you have an attitude that is affecting your relationship?

Please, be real and be yourself in your contribution to this topic and do not tell me tales.

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