Does ex-girlfriend still love me? – 5 ways to check

How to check if your girl still loves you? Can the language of the body show that she wants to begin the relations again? Read the article to find it out.

Does my ex-girlfriend still love me

Does my ex-girlfriend still love me?

The relations have ended, but it doesn't mean at all that you and your ex-girlfriend are ready to leave each other’s lives forever. Did you ask yourself, what are the signs my ex-girl loves me? Or does girlfriend still love her ex but loves me too? If you still have tender feelings for this person and want to know whether she feels the same, it is possible to observe how your ex-girl communicates with you and with other people. Certainly, the best way to define whether your former beloved misses you is to talk  about it honestly as actions sometimes are not always the reliable way showing that the person is interested in the renewal of the relations.

  • Think whether it is a good idea. To find out the easiest way whether the person misses you is direct asking about it. Unfortunately, many people are frightened of such conversation. However, in this way, you will be able to find out that the person thinks.

Pay attention that in certain cases the person can be not sincere with you, especially if she is afraid that you can hurt her. If communication with your ex-girl always ends with the conflict, then, most likely, in this case, you shouldn't discuss your relations anymore. If you try to find everything out at once, then you will be able to avoid misunderstanding. Instead of spending time for attempts to understand what stands behind the silence of the person, you will be able precisely to learn whether your relations have a future. If the person says that continuation of the relations is impossible, then leave the situation and move further, without spending time for the one who doesn't want to build the relations with you.

  • Contact the girl. Write the message or send the letter by e-mail. However, the best method is to call the girl. Be friendly and invite her to have dinner together to discuss the relations. Be ready that the lady can refuse. If it occurs, then, most likely, it is a sign that the person close to you does not miss you and is not ready to meet with you. Don't be angry. Instead of it, be respectful of the decision of the former girl.
  • Try to do everything possible that your conversation was easy. Perhaps, if some time has passed after your parting, both of you can feel awkward. Show the initiative and do everything possible that your conversation was easy. Learn from your girl about the situation at school or at work. Also tell about what new has occurred in your life. Have a talk about something pleasant. Don't quarrel. Thanks to it, the mood will improve, and your girl will see that you don't seek to clash with her.

There are also signs, which show if your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

girlfriend still love her ex but loves me too

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Does my ex-girlfriend still love me – signs

  • Keep in mind that sometimes we are inclined to see things, which actually don't exist. If you know that your ex-girl like to write text messages, but you didn't hear anything from her from the moment of your last meeting, silence doesn't mean at all that she misses you. Most likely, she would write you the message if she really missed you. Look at this behavior more objectively. Pay attention to how often she tries to contact you. If your ex-girl doesn’t miss you, then, most likely, she will try to contact you if she needs it (for example, if it is necessary to take things away from your house). If the former partner misses you, she probably will call or send messages. The situation when your girl suggests staying friends after, it can be an exception. If the person close to you looks for possibilities of communication with you – it can be a sign that she misses you. However, it can also demonstrate that she still wants to keep friendly relationships with you. If your former girl often calls you in the middle of the night, after alcohol, then, most likely, she has strong feelings for you.
  • Pay attention to how she behaves when she tries to contact you. Most likely, she will look for the reason to call you. Perhaps, she wants to ask you for advice or to receive the necessary help from you. Besides, she can start a conversation about something serious. For example, she can say what she wants to reach, or about dreams of ideal life. When she addresses you, she can 'accidentally' call you by name, which she used when you were together. Such clause can demonstrate that she still thinks of you.
  • Pay attention how quickly girl reacts to your messages or phone calls. If she answers your messages as soon as she receives them, or reacts to your call after the first beep, it can be a sign of the fact that she surely misses you.
  • Pay attention to body language in case of a meeting. If the person shows closeness, for example, holds hands crossed on a breast, doesn't support visual contact, expresses boredom, and doesn't smile at all, it means that she isn't interested in the relations with you. The language of a body is an excellent index of the state of a person. Nevertheless, you hardly learn everything, based only on it. For example, your ex-boyfriend or the girl can strongly miss you but behave as if she doesn't want to have anything in common with you at your presence. It can occur because the person is afraid to endure mental anguish once again.
  • Pay attention to how often this girl appears in places, which you visit too. If your ex-girlfriend 'incidentally' comes to your work or appears where it is possible to meet you, then, most likely, it is not a simple accident. If you have mutual friends, your former girl can learn where you will be and to appear in the same place. If your ex-girl behaves such way, don't forget to watch language of her body. Whether she looks on your side? If she does, most likely, she watches your behavior either.

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