Does farting ruin relationships or make them even stronger?

Did you ever fart in front of your partner and felt very confused about this matter? Read our article and get rid of all your prejudices about this problem.


At least once all people faced the problem of embarrassment in front of their sweethearts. We hesitate to do the simple, natural things because we want to show our best sides and are afraid to disappoint our partner.

The point is that shyness is very unpleasant and, moreover, absolutely unnecessary quality, which must necessarily get rid of. It is useless because it does not give us absolutely anything, it only takes. If we are on the bit of this feeling, we just deliberately deprive ourselves of many valuable perspectives.

All major unions between people, as love and friendship, are entirely built on trust. The trust gives the relationship naturalness, let you feel secure and confident in your partner, and, therefore, not be tormented by doubts and shyness.

farting and relationships

Leah Decesare, the famous and successful psychologist, wrote a book about how people can build happy and long lasting relations with their partners. For example, her own husband became absolutely sure that he was going to live with this woman for all his life after he first heard her farting.

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She wrote that most men suppose their partners very delicate, tender and sometimes even a bit delusory, and that is why when men hear them tooting they suppose women more down to earth and even more attractive. They think that woman farting near them trusts them completely and feels free enough, without any constraint.

farting ruin relationships

Farting is a natural need. If the couple can afford to do this in front of each other, it means that one accepts the other as an alive and real person with all his or her weaknesses. They gave each other enough freedom. Of course, you should not do it on the street or at a party; we are talking about intimate situations. Why in moments of love, of special affinity partners can afford themselves not to close the door when they go to the toilet? It is also an indication of freedom of the partners.

So, if you want your relations to be happy and last for a long time, trust your partner and do not be shy. You just need to be yourself and do not be afraid of usual and ordinary things. And the main point is that if you are worried about something, first of all, you should discuss the problem with your other half and decide what you both should do further.

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