Does money matter in relationships? - Nigerian women opinion

Love or money? Which one is better? Here what ladies say.

Lots of guys keep asking different questions about women. Nowadays the issue of money is really acute. Are modern Nigerian women ready to date a man without a fortune? Is love more important than money for them? Let’s find all the answers right now.

Does money matter in relationships

Nigerian ladies and relationships

According to the statistics, the majority of people in Nigeria think that money is an essential factor in relations. Nigerian pretty womengive it about 90%, because they need to buy nice things (such as shoes) and visit interesting places. And a man must be able to pay for all of these. Let’s observe the most vital things, which allow to build strong and long-term relationships:

Nigerian ladies and relationships

  • Love. Well, it might seem the most important thing, but many Nigerians will disagree. It is a part of successful relations, but not a key one.
  • Money. It takes the first place. As we have mentioned, you need to pay for everything – restaurants, presents, clothes and even mobile connection.
  • Trust. You should be able to believe your partner. Otherwise, there might be jealousy.
  • Sex. It might be called the second vital thing after money. When you make love,you show your trust and affection to your partner.
    Nigerian ladies

These dating tips might be very helpful to build strong relations, even on distance.

Reasons why money is important

As it has been said, the majority of women would never date a guy without money. Let’s find out the key causes of it:

why money is important

  • No one wants to support someone. It is better for both partners to be financially independent.
  • Similar financial priorities are essential. Both of you must value money on the same level. It does not usually work, when one thinks it is important, and the other one disagrees.
  • Your future. To build plans together you may need money for wedding, accommodation and some other things.
  • Money problems lead to quarrels. Such things may even ruin your love after all.
    why money is important FOR

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Now you see why so many females are very concerned about money issue. It is not just because they mercantile. They just take care of your future.

Money is a key thing in the relationships. It is advisable to think about it before starting a serious affair. Women will prefer a man with good income, as he will be able to support the family. Nevertheless, do not forget about love, as money without love is nothing.


I believe that the presence of the family money says about the solvency of the people spiritually mirovozzrenii. Because the ability to make money (make money to create assets) is an important part of a Mature personality. If people did not take place, and their relationship is in the development stage and quite shaky.

Money is one of the tools create comfort and mood, ustoichivosti and relative independence and social security "cell". So having money is important. And you can't hide behind Mima spirituality and say that if there is love, then money is not important. When we have nothing to eat, nothing to wear when, when children on the street, and we're stupid and keep saying we've got love and money are not important.. . it's the ravings of schizophrenics.

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