Fake orgasm: why do women do it?

Get the answer to this intricate question: why do women fake orgasms?


We should explicitly say that men just hate the fake orgasms. But what are the reasons behind such behavior in women? Let’s find out.

Why do women fake orgasms?

On one hand, most of the ladies that fake orgasms are participating in something they consented to. So, why do they have to resort to feigning? Scientists have carried out research. The truth revealed by it is shocking.

In most cases, when women had to fake it, they were not willingly involved in having sex. Most of them were not forced into it physically. However, for some reason, they could not refuse the man or did not want to refuse sex. They did not have the urge to take part in such interactions. However, some of the ladies were not willing to offend their men.

 fake orgasms

Others were afraid of financial or emotional consequences of their refusal. So, they consented and faked orgasms to please the man or to shorten the time of interaction. 

There are other cases, when women started the game with enthusiasm, but then for some reason got distracted. The sexual arousal died away. They did not want to hurt the feelings of their partners and resorted to faking orgasms.

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So, if your lady fakes it, most likely she does not enjoy it and is forced to make love to you. Check if you place too much of financial or emotional pressure on her to find out why she does it.

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