Female orgasm: Can you achieve it stimulating women's erogenous zones?

Not every man practices affection of the female erogenous zones, but the stimulation of specific body areas is sometimes more pleasant than the process of sexual intercourse.

female orgasm

There is no certain number of places on the body that are responsible for the excitation. The point may appear to change location or disappear. But knowledge of the basic women’s erogenous zones is a good step to a fabulous female orgasm.

Erogenous zones are referred to particularly sensitive areas of the body, stimulation of which leads to sexual arousal. Women have much more such points than men. Points arise from the moment of birth, but throughout the life, they can disappear or change their place. It depends on the individual structure of the female body, and the influence of external factors: climate, stress, birth of a child.

Starting from the top there are 7 erogenous zones of a woman:

  • Mouth

French kiss using your tongue is considered to be one of the main ways to bring a woman, although it is known that the kiss can tease only 20% of ladies.

  • Eyelids

The forehead and surrounding region is the center of the cluster of nerve endings. Several passionate kisses would be enough to activate this area of excitation.

  • Ear

women’s erogenous zones

Since ancient times men knew that women love with their ears. It is in order the sterner sex pays attention to this erogenous zone, women began to wear earrings. Whispering gentle words are capable of arousing a woman for a few minutes.

  • Neck

Kissing, stroking, gentle massage and tickling with tongue this body part will surely affect the increased desire to make love with your partner.

  • "Cat's place"

Cat's place

So we call the area between the shoulder blades. This name derives from the fact that cats, during intercourse, grip the female cats with their teeth at this place. So gentle bites of the back will bring a pleasant feeling to a woman.

  • Chest

This area is a powerful erogenous zone not only for women but also for men. "Kama Sutra" describes the various ways of achieving nipple orgasm with hands or tongue.

  • Zone "V"

The area of the waist to the genitals, in the center of which is the navel. Stimulation of this zone attracts a powerful stream of positive emotions and makes a passionate sexual intercourse.

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Let’s go down even lower:

  • Buttocks

Here pleasant sensations are not caused by affection, but due to the male power. Such methods of excitation of women, like squeezing by hand are described in the literature about sex.

  • The inner thigh

This zone is the key point before moving to the genitals. Touching is enough to warm up the passion of women for the next stage of foreplay.


  • Clitoris

This erogenous zone is widely known for men. About 80% of the women reported that clitoral stimulation very quickly brings them to orgasm. Also, the clitoris is a spare option to meet the partner if she was unable to get enough pleasure during normal intercourse.

•      G-spot

The Second zone of heightened attention of men, it is at a depth of five or six inches on the front wall of the vagina. The impact on G is produced as a manual and involuntarily in certain poses.

  • Uterus

There is even a uterine orgasm, which is experienced by about 20% of women. The lack of good feeling in this area due to the inconvenient position of the female partner during sex, when the penis goes past the uterus without affecting it.

erogenous zones

  • Knees

Under the knee bone, there is an area that is very sensitive to any tender touch.

  • Feet

To encourage this place you need to be careful. For some women, this is a powerful erogenous zone, for others — a forbidden place, as they are ticklish.

Sexologists allocate such incremental erogenous zones like the elbows and the hair on the head. Winding and the other touching the strands with your hands cause a pleasant sensation not only for the partner but for the man who does it.

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