Female orgasm mechanics: how it happens?

What is a female orgasm and how it works? Learn the mechanics of it now.

female orgasm

This is a tricky subject. Some ladies report of having multiple orgasms, while others never have any. What are the mechanics of the female orgasm? Let’s find out.

How female orgasm happens?

It has some stages similar to the male orgasm, but it also has some tricks and men should know them to be able to please their women.

Stage 1: arousal

It all happens in the head. Brain is the sexiest organ of the female body. Once it gets triggered, the rest of the body follows. The brain sends the signal of the arousal to the lower part of the body. Due to it the blood flow into the vagina increases and it becomes large in size.

The lady part also becomes darker in color. Plus, it gets much wetter preparing for the penis entrance. The uterus pulls up and that make vagina look a little longer. All these transformations take place on the arousal stage along with breast nipples’ hardening.

Woman starts breathing faster and the body temperature gets up. She may also start sweating. Even the breasts enlarge in size.

Stage 2: clitoris stimulation

In most cases, women cannot achieve an orgasm without it. Clitoris gets larger in size and it sort of works as the male penis. It can be stimulated by penis, fingers or sex toys.

female orgrasm mechanics

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Stage 3: penetration

This may or may not occur. A woman can easily attain an orgasm without the penetration. When it happens, the vagina tightens its walls and becomes narrower in size. This way penis gets more contact with the clitoris to help achieve a female orgasm.

Stage 4: female orgasm

It occurs on the peak of the sexual arousal and pleasure. All the muscles of uterus, vagina and lower part of the body start contracting, sort of vibrating. Limbs’ muscles can also contract. The vibration may last up to a minute. But they can also end in just few seconds.

The first contractions are the strongest in intensity and in pleasure. A lady may have up to 15 of them during one orgasm.

Stage 5: relaxation

Unlike the men, some women keep on staying aroused and can have another orgasm right after the first one. It is called the multiple orgasms. Others relax and need time to rest before they can repeat the experience.

As you see, female orgasm mechanics are important to know both for men and women. Those ladies who have never experienced an orgasm, can learn this information and try to experiment with their own bodies.

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