First date tips for men: 5 dos and dont's for Nigerian guys

How to behave yourself at the first dating? Read the article to learn the best tips for ideal meeting.

In ideal situation, the guy has to be initiator of the first date. Meetings, which develop into the first appointment, become the most unexpected. For example, the girl drinks coffee in cafe alone, and the guy approaches, gets acquainted, sits down by her for a little table, and easy communication begins. Such spontaneity not always leads to good outcome, as the girl can be frightened of your pressure. She can be not ready for dating. Perhaps, she has a lunch break. In such situation isolation, constraint, annoyance and mistrust to such guy can be felt.

First date tips for men

Meeting the girl, it is necessary to ask a phone number and to give her your own one. Thus, she will be able to trust you. If the girl doesn't want to give you her phone number, it is possible to give her yours. However, chances that she will call back to you are very little. Girls seldom call the guy first. So if you were given a phone number, try to fix time and place of your next meeting at once. After dating is appointed, begin to prepare for it.

First date restaurant

Let’s begin with things that you should do on your first date:

First date restaurant

  • If you have got acquainted recently, then you shouldn't arrange the first appointment too late. The evening is an optimal time. The best way for the first meeting is a cozy cafe. It is easier to know each other closer here, as quiet music plays and the atmosphere is relaxing. Bars and nightclubs won't be suitable, leave them for further dating.

First date tips for men

  • Study the menu. Ask the girl what she wants to order. If she has ordered salad and glass of wine, then you shouldn't take beer and chicken wings, try to correspond the situation. Show culture and good breeding.

First date men's clothing

  • The man has to pay the bill at the 1st date always, if you want to continue dating. If you have invited the girl to the one, be ready to do it even if you don't want to continue the relations. Of course, if she insists on payment of a half of the bill, then you shouldn't argue on this subject and understand that she doesn’t want to proceed with you in her life.

First date tips for men 1

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First date tips for men

  • Try to talk on neutral subjects. It will be awkward to the girl if you begin to speak about soccer or computer games, as she may not understand these questions.

First date tips for men 2

  • Try to answer questions of girls accurately, without reticence. Many girls are very hypochondriac and can finish thinking about your answer in the case when you have answered indistinct. If the question wasn't pleasant to you, don't answer it better, tell that now you aren't ready to speak on this theme.

And these are things you shouldn't do on the first meeting:

First date men's clothing 1

  • Don’t forget to joke. Girls love guys who can make them laugh. Therefore, show your sense of humor. Avoid various platitudes and silly jokes. On the first date there is no place for awkwardness, communication has to be cheerful, quiet and easy.
  • Don't forget to present compliments to the girl. Try to tell something original, banal statements won't be suitable.

First date men's clothing 2

  • You also shouldn't speak about sex and her preferences at the first dating. Postpone this question. Later you will understand when it is possible to ask about it. The question of sex, which is brought up on the first appointment can be misinterpreted. The girl may decide that you aren't interested in serious relations.

First date restaurant 2

  • Don’t be shy. It is very important to behave on the first date surely, even if the girl is pleasant to you very much and you quail before her. Get it together, don't fuss and hurry to do something. Don't laugh too loudly, relax and speak quietly and measurably.
  • Of course, if the girl wasn't pleasant to you and you understood that you don't want to meet her more, don't complicate your life. Tell directly that nothing will turn out. Let it will be offensive and unpleasant to her, but it is better for both of you. And try to put it in the mild form, so not to be rude.

first date 1

First date men's clothing

It is better not to risk. If you wear undershirts and jeans, then classical trousers and a shirt will be inconvenient for you. Put on as usual. The clothes have to be clean and ironed. Many girls say that they love polished boots so the footwear should be put in order too.

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