Gift for a guy you just started dating – 10 tips for Nigerian girls

Just started dating a guy and need to buy him a present? Learn how to handle such a situation and pick the best and most appropriate gift for your man.

Almost every girl likes giving presents. However, sometimes it isn’t that easy to find a gift for a guy you just started dating or for a man you love. The problem of choice might appear both in unofficial relationships and in marriage. It gets even deeper if you are still not sure about your relationships.
Gift for a guy
Selecting gifts for men, it’s essential to take many factors into consideration. Otherwise, he might not like it or get scared (if we’re talking about a gift for a guy you just started dating). That’s why there exist several important rules and tips for such cases.

Gift for a guy you just started dating - possible occasions

The key thing is the occasion you are going to celebrate. There’re lots of them. For example, birthday gifts for himmay be one, while the present for youranniversary will be different. Let’s consider the most common occasions:

All the birthday gifts for menmust be thoughtful, as this day is special for the most of them. Thus, in order to find a perfect present you need to know more about your partner. In this case, you’ll be able to give something that he has probably desired to get.

Gift for your new guySt.Valentine Day.
This holiday is full of romance. So, the gifts for boyfriendmust be appropriate. However, don’t overdo. It would be strange and scary if you order the room in a five-star hotel or a dinner in an expensive restaurant when you’ve been together for about two weeks. Prepare something meaningful. Small gifts are actually very good in this case.

If you have it, it means you’ve been dating for at least one year. Thus, you’re able to choose the present, which will express your feelings and will be quite thoughtful. This celebration is just for two of you. So, be very attentive while buying a gift.

This is a very important holiday. Everyone (including guys) is waiting for a miracle. Thus, you have a chance to give it to him. The gift depends on the stage of your relationships. It might be practical, romantic or even sexual. Budget is also important. It’s okay, if you don’t have lots of money. You can choose one of the pretty small items for your other half.

Just because.
It’s very romantic to give presents without any reason. Thus, you’ll demonstrate your love to him. Nevertheless, don’t overdo. Little spontaneous celebrations are able to make your love stronger and make you closer to each other.

These are the most important holidays. Of course, you can prepare gifts for any other occasions (there are plenty of them throughout a year).

Art of gift-giving

In order to select a perfect gift, we offer you special tips, among which:

  1. Observation.
    10 gift tips for Nigerian girlsYour result mostly depends on the level of your attention. Those girls, who listen to their boyfriends, can notice something important. Any person always mentions anything s/he wants to get. Men are not an exception. In everyday life you can find some hints (if not a direct answer) of what he’s eager to receive.
  2. Research.
    Do it to find out what he wants. You can ask him various questions and look at his hobbies (what he likes doing most of the time). You’ll find a tiny hint by all means. If he doesn’t say it, you’ll see it. Find out, whether he is practical or not. In the case if he is, buy something useful for his work or house. If he isn’t, your gift should reflect his interests.
  3. Personality.
    Take it into consideration. Your gift must match it. Thus, you’ll show that you care. Think again of his hobbies and work. He might like something connected with them.
  4. Gift for a guy for girlsWishing good luck.
    Depending on the occasion, your present must express certain message and feelings. If it is, for example, your boyfriend’s graduation, it should express wishes of good luck.
    Of course, it might be combined with your feelings and be romantic at the same time.
  5.  Cheat Sheet.
    You can create it, for instance, with the help of special application on your smartphone. The list of information may contain the following data:
  • height,
  • weight,
  • underwear size,
  • shirt size,
  • pants size,
  • favorite color and fabric,
  • favorite designer (there are men who have one),
  • favorite scent,
  • favorite TV show, movie,
  • favorite author (or even book), music band, computer/PS/Xbox game.

Having this list compete it will become easier to choose a gift.

  1. dating tips for girls Be creative.
    In all the cases, including birthday gift for guys, it’s always essential to be extraordinary. Show your fantasy and creative thinking. It is possible to make something with your own hands.

    t is very romantic, and your present will be unique. You’ll show that you’ve spent time and energy to make it. For example, you may start with poems, handwritten letters, handmade clothing, and so on. There is a great number of gift ideas.
  2. Make your time a gift.
    If you have special skills (for instance, can make massage), give it to your beloved one. He will appreciate that.
  3. Adventure. Gift for a guy 2
    It is an extremely good idea to give an adventure as a gift for a man. The majority of them like risks and adrenalin. It might be skydiving, parachuting or any other thing like this. Besides, you can do it together and have a great time!
  4. Be romantic.
    Sometimes there is a problem of choice, when you’ve been dating for a year or so. Thus, if you doubt about the gift – buy something simple and romantic. It will express your care and love. Such gifts always work.
  5.  Be symbolic.
    All the presents should always be like that. They must express the occasion, your feelings, your care, and anything else you want them to express.

Stage of relations

Your gift also depends on the time you’ve been together. Let’s consider several stages:

You like him, but you don’t date.
buying a gift for a guyIn this case, there is no necessity for any official gifts. You can ask him to bring a drink to celebrate, for example, a New Year. If you still want to give anything – choose thing connected with something he likes (a statuette from his favorite video game or a funny fan thing from the series he watches).

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Just started dating.
Experts say that it’s better to give a funny gift when the relationship’s new. Show him, you’re funny and like hanging out. It’s important not to scare him with serious issues. You can invite your friends and prepare a birthday party.

Just became official.
When you have serious relations and your parents already know each other – it’s a completely new stage. You can give a present, which will stay with him for some time. It might be a subscription or a shirt (but remember, you shouldn’t change him, select a clothing according to his taste, not yours).

Just started saying "I love you".
This is a very romantic period. Buy something lovely. Or create it by your own. A memory book or a frame with photo will be very nice. You can also spend a night out with your other half (having prepared something edible beforehand).

Together a year.
The relations are quite long, but everything may get boring. So buy anything like concertticket.Both of you can go there as well. It’s important to spend time and have fun together.

gift guide for girls Started to live together
A cool and useful thing for a new place will be appropriate.

New lyweds.
Wedding means lots of new things (probably even a new house). So, buy him something useful and interesting, for example, a Vintage Cocktails book. Thus, he’ll be able to teach how to use a new bar in your house, if you have a bar there.

You’ve been married for several years.
It’s possible to add something new and have fun. You can order a room in a hotel, and spend one or two nights there with him. Besides, it’ll be a kind of a getaway from your everyday routine.

Gift ideas for a guy you just started dating

For those, who have been dating for a month or so, we offer the following ideas:

Home-brewing beer kit.
Almost all the boys like beer. That’s why they will like such gift without any doubts. Besides, such choice means you are ready to hang out, don’t want to change him, and like him as he is. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to cook together and taste homemade beer.

Board game.
There are plenty of variants (not only Monopoly or Settlers of Catan). A little competition between you during the game might be very sexy. Thus, both of you will take benefits from such gift.

Gift for a guyguideNotebook.
If your man is a creative type, it will be a nice present. He can write down everything he wants (or draw it).

iTunes gift card.
You may prepare the list of his or your favorite songs. It is very thoughtful.

If he likes reading, then buy one for him. You should know his favorite author or genre at least.

Head p 10 tips for girls on giftshones.
Most of the guys like music. Some of them prefer good and quality sound. So, buy a pair of nice headphones. To succeed you need to consult with the shop assistant and with the other boys, who are interested in it (if you know them).

It depends on what he likes. It might be concert of the music band he likes, a sport event or even theatrical performance. Anyway, this is another way to make him happy and spend time together. Show him that you share his interests.

Pop culture paraphernalia.
If he is a fan of any series or movies, you can buy things connected with it (even the characters statuettes). He’ll appreciate that you are interested in him and his hobbies.

These are just a few examples of all the possible gifts. Try to think everything over, and your present will obligatory be special. It isn’t very easy to choose an appropriate gift for a man. The problem might appear at the very beginning of your romance or even when you’re already married.
Presents are necessary to keep your love alive. They show that you still care and think of your other half. Select something for him according to his interests and tastes. Be creative and romantic. It’s advisable to listen to him attentively, as he may give you important hints during your everyday conversations. Remember that gift-giving is an art, and you must make efforts to learn it.


If you have just started dating, precious gift of place, it obliges man. Secondly, its necessary evaluate its financial capacity. If you give an expensive gift, but he has no money for gift of such value you, normal decent guy there and your embarrassment Present will bring more experience than joy.

You are not familiar with tastes and preferences of young person, try not buy gifts as apparel, such as tie, shorts, shirts and others. You can not just guess color or style. As result, you do same and will be offended that guy they put it on far shelf and is not. Buy such gifts can be, but if you are sure.

Answered 2 years ago.

This is rather hard question, because the biggest part of women like to give their men something extraordinary, but not that we give as a standard, like a perfume or any other thing. I think that at this period of relationship the present may be hand made. It can be some nice postcard, some interesting pillow or painting. You may also bake some cake or prepair even some dinner containing with men favorite dishes by yourself. It would be more pleasend and cherished present ever. Just use your imagination and consider the men's preferences.

Answered 2 years ago.

This is rather hard question, because the biggest part of women like to give their men something extraordinary, but not that we give as a standard, like a perfume or any other thing. I think that at this period of relationship the present may be hand made. It can be some nice postcard, some interesting pillow or painting. You may also bake some cake or prepair even some dinner containing with men favorite dishes by yourself. It would be more pleasend and cherished present ever. Just use your imagination and consider the men's preferences.

Answered 2 years ago.

Generally, gifts I like to do, but get too very much! I like to come up with some gifts - something exclusive, non-standard, original. But sometimes I can and just a fishing rod or a screwdriver set to give your guy))) And when we started living together, I began to useful gifts to do, such as socks, once jeans bought fun - he liked))) I heard that watches and knives can not be to give, but I'm hunting knife gave her boyfriend, he uses it still takes a picnic. Actually, I think not much matter what you give, the main thing that was the soul, from the heart.

Answered 2 years ago.

Also could be a great idea to make somethnig by yourself. once i made my bf new super cute little pillow by crocket. it was great idea and he was really happy to see what i done for him.

Or one more good idea to give him a gift card to some kind of his favourites restaurant or stores

Answered 2 years ago.

Well my opinion is to buy somethnig mkore romantic or something nice, what he needs and always forget to buy. It shouldn't be somethning expensive. It could be somethnig nessesary, like maybe new nice wallet, or great parfume, or probably even new great designer's belt. Something nice and good, what later he could use it everyday and remember about you.

Answered 2 years ago.

Without doubt it is difficult to buy present for your boyfriend. But the most difficult is when you are in relations only for some months. If you do not know about his tastes and prefers he can dislike your present. What about me, so first of all during communication I try to find out what he really dreams about. It can be bag or shaving machine. Your parter will be very satisfied not only with a present but also with your care. If your boyfriend has quite everything buy him something unusual. Open your mind and create original present!

Answered 2 years ago.
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