Have twins ever married twins?

Would that be a nice thing to happen for twins to marry twins

twins ever married twins

It has happened in the past in our countries? Does it happen in Nigeria? Does anyone knows such cases? 

Did you hear the news of twin sisters marrying one man to stay together and avoid being separated? See the photo of twin sisters below: 

Twin sisters marry a man

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I think that the twins are the true gift of the haven. I have always dreamed to have a twin sister, because she would be the best friend for the whole life! Now I desperately want to born twins - it does not matter boys or girls, but now I have the only one daughter. It is very interesting fact - twin couples. They have a big possibility to born twins also. It is trully a great mirracle of the nature! I hope, that in the future there would be born much more twins, because they are unique, very gifted and friendly persons.

Answered 2 years ago.
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