Having sex in public: is it safe?

Wish to have sex in public? Learn about the best spots and the possible consequences.

Some lovers deem sexual excitement being not enough for them. So, they look for rather unexpected places to make out and have sex in public. Is it safe?

 sex in public

Possible consequences of having sex in public

  • You can get caught
    That is an obvious consequence. This is the very reason why having sex in public is so appealing. People think the situation to be rather peculiar. It tickles their nerves, but only few couples really wish to get caught at it.
    Having sex in public

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  • You can get stuck
    There was a real life situation, when a couple had sex in the sea on a public beach during the day time. Many others were swimming around them. And… his male organ got stuck inside of her! They were forced to get out of the sea like that and wait for the doctors to help them. So, your public sex may up a disaster!
  • You can have poor hygiene
    Most places are not fit for making love. So, you run the risks of getting pathogenic bacteria into your private parts and catching an infection. Plus, in most cases you would not have a chance to take shower afterwards.
     sex in public: is it safe?

3 most popular places for having sex in public

Many people still are set on having this adventure. So, here are the safest public stops to occupy.

  1. In the car
    A car parked somewhere in the city is a nice spot. You get the most control over the environment. It can be a clean place, private enough, but still in the public.
    in the car
  2. In the elevator
    Especially if it has no cameras and a stop button in it. This way again you can control the situation to some degree.
  3. At the party
    An office event or a get together at your friends’ house is a perfect occasion to have sex in public for those looking for adventures.

Still remember the consequences and take all the precautions before you get started.   


I always thought sex intimate enough exercise, and never welcomed having sex in public places. Yes, I agree that some people have sex in public is a thrill, excites and stirs interest. But really, it's not always safe, especially, need to take into account the case in the sea, which is described in the article. Well, maybe somewhere in the party, it is also allowed, unless you have the opportunity to retire in a separate room of all. Oh well, I would say even extreme-that is, not everyone agrees on this.

Answered 1 year ago.

Of course, sex in a public place is a burning passion and pleasure. The worst thing in the sex that happens somewhere in the Elevator, a restaurant bathroom, you'll be stuck in each other, and then you can not worry, You will see all those from whom you wanted to hide the sex. Personally, I'm not worried about hygiene, because even at home there is no guarantee. Of course, I adhere to hygiene, but if we are talking about sex, even in the partner it is impossible to be certain of. And if You notice, well, there is nothing wrong in the fact that people love passionately each other in front of everyone.

Answered 1 year ago.

I think that to have sex in public is only togla when traditional methods are distasteful. But again this is not an excuse, but more self-hypnosis. If people want - the place does not matter, as long as you two were good. However, remove the sight of the audience is not worth it, because we live in a society and have some rules and regulations to put up in order not to violate the space of others. Yet I agree, double situation is obtained and these definitely need to do something, even though the strong feelings and desire.

Answered 1 year ago.

Sex in public places is certainly not safe, because in these places certainly are many different germs and bacteria, and various diseases. It's not hygienic, but many people are excited in such places, some like it more than any thrill, and other public. But we must not forget about your health, and do not risk it for the sake of a moment's pleasure, for which you can then rasplachivatsya until the end of life. I think this article will be useful for those people who like sex in public places, and ponder the next time it is necessary.

Answered 1 year ago.

For those who have enough funds to raise the adrenaline with the help of having sex in public in the most unexpected locations: clothing stores, booths for trying on clothes. Thus it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that you get caught, the guards of the institution - are now installing cameras even in public toilets.

A softer version of sex in public places - intimate entertainment in entrances of houses. And suddenly one of the residents going out for a smoke on the platform, and caught a couple for spicy action?

You can unleash the imagination, and to organize the sex on motor highways, in Parking lots, bus stops, in the bushes, on the roof of the house. Options - countless variety. Especially brazen and daring manage to satisfy his lust even at the beach in broad daylight.

Going for a enjoyment of sex in public, remember that it is Also desirable to do this in front of children, not to destroy fragile psyche. You need to be very mobile and easy to move if you are going to drop my pants in public places - at any moment can appear not only passersby, but also guards, which means it must be time to retire. Choose comfortable clothes, to wear underwear do not have.

Answered 1 year ago.
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