How can a man gain respect from his girlfriend?


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Favorite people is the most precious in everyone's life. Without the support and understanding of loved ones of people in our time is very difficult to succeed in life. However, there are situations when a girlfriend doesn't appreciate those things you do for her and doesn't appreciate you as a person. In such situations, no matter how hard a guy tries, his actions do not command respect from his girlfriend. Given the fact that such situations are not uncommon, the question "how to get respect from girls?" is extremely important. In the first place in order to make a girl self-respect, you must show her the respect of others. You have to respect your friends, your parents, teachers, and other people. At the same time, it is not necessary to embellish yourself. For example, to lie about the fact that you have your own business, or influential friends, because it can cause serious complications in the relationship. Visit the pool, gym, or just take yourself to something interesting. You should convince the girl that you comprehensive developed personality.

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