How Important Is His Past?

So I have been dating this guy for about 2months,

Things are wonderful between us, we really 'click',

I truly love him, and I can feel/see he loves me too

Problem: His past.

He has done some pretty bad things

Things that if i had known about in the beginning I wld

not have taken us this far. Some of the things are not

completely dealt with, he is still clearing off his record.

He wants me to stand by him while he does.

Questions: I appreciate his honesty. Does that absolve his crimes?

Should I judge him based on that?

If I was advising someone else, I'd say let go,

But this guy is all I have ever wanted, except for his luggage, which he does seem to be dealing with,

Am I being silly if I still risk my heart on this guy?

Or am I being silly if I let my soulmate go because I was judgmentaland self righteous??

Please Advise

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Whatever you do is your business.Have you ever heard somebody say"karma is a Dam?" It don't matter whether it was his past or previous life it will still come back to hunt him at some point.If i were you, I'll tell the dude that I love him but I love me more. I can't fit shout. 4 this post modern era love get 3 eyes oh.Shine them well well.


Don't go fishing in the dark sea if you are not prepared to unravel its darkest secrets o, it might give you heart-attack.

Thumbs up @ kellorah. The past does usually define who someone is.

By the way, you won't know me, but long time he don tey wey you bring leg come naira.

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