How long should a man last in sex to satisfy a woman?

Can a man satisfy his woman in bed by lasting longer? This is how long you should last it sex to do so.

 last in sex to satisfy her

You can find tons of info on how long men can last or should last in average. But this is different. Regardless of how long you can keep up going in sex, this time determines whether your lady gets satisfied by you or not. So, let’s find out.

How long does a woman need you to last in sex to satisfy her?

Well, it’s hard to tell, as we all are unique. However, the general stats show that most couples last for only 5 minutes. Is that enough? Unfortunately, no. Surely a guy may get the ejaculation, be happy and relax, but an average woman is left to feel frustration.

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 woman need you to last in sex to satisfy her?

A research shows that ladies need about 13 minutes in bed to achieve an orgasm and most men do not last that long. Plus, that time has to be of high quality. It’s not just about the motion or the speed. It’s about you being there for her.

You pay attention, you do the foreplay, you spend your energy and skills to make her experience the best minutes in her life. That takes time and effort. Not all the men are willing to spend them. They get busy and end fast not really caring if the woman got anything of such sex or not.

If you wish to have a happy married life, do your best to please your wife. Learn how her body works. Learn to press the right “buttons” to make her come. Ask her questions and let her share what she feels. Otherwise, she may keep on faking orgasms or stay unhappy and be like a jigsaw. And the only man to blame for such an unhappy marriage is you. So, get the info and do the right thing!

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