How many sexual partners is average?

How many sexual partners do people have in average? The answer may shock you.

Sexual partners number

The times change and now many people get confused and start wondering: how much is too much and what is an average number of sexual partners others have. Let’s try to find the answers.

Sexual partners: the average number

This “average” varies from country to country. Let’s get some stats. Interesting enough, but USA or Europe do not top the list. It is topped by the Muslim Turkey, where in average people have 14 lovers in their lifetime. This country is followed by Australia and New Zealand (13) and by South Africa (12).

Such European countries as Germany or Poland are at the bottom of the list with just 6 partners in average. The number for the world as a whole would be 9 lovers in a lifetime. At this, in some countries men and women have the same number of sexual partners. While in others the average for men is 8 and for women is just 4.

Sexual partners

How much is too much?

This really depends on the country and the religious background people come from. God’s Word sets us the high standard: just 1. In the past people used to get married being virgins. Now the standard got much lower. It has become more subjective. People decided for themselves, how much is too much or they are being affected by the cultural opinions.

As a rule, men can have more partners and be Ok with it, than women. In fact, when men lie about the number, they increase it. In reality he might have had just one or two partners or none at all, but he tells: 10!

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 partners number

Women do the opposite. Some ladies even restore their virginity through the operation. They may have over a dozen of sexual partners, but say: 2. That’s the impact of the cultural and historical view on sex. In Nigeria virginity is still in high esteem. Men wish to marry virgin girls or be the first to disvirgin them.

As you see, there is no “ideal average” number unless it is 1. The rest of it is just culture or people’s opinions.

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