How sex affects the brain

Sex will always be a cool and interesting topic to talk about. But if it really affects our brains? What should we know to get better memory? Find out right now!

Sex has always been an interesting topic for everyone. Especially scientists. This activity can affect our health pretty much. So the scientists from the United States and North Korea decided to study how sex effects the brain activity of a person.

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Sex researches

sex researches

The scientists found out that after sex the number of neurons in the hippocampus extremely increases. The hippocampus is a part of the brain that is involved in the process of transition short-term memory into the long-term one. Despite the fact that all the studies were carried out on rodents, scientists believe that the brain activity of mice has a huge resemblance to the human one.

As a result, a half-hour of sexual activity led to the increasing of the level of neurons and restored general brain function of all middle-aged rodents. That’s impressive.

Also there is information that is worth your attention. After long-time sexual abstinence the brain activity of mice rapidly ‘falls down’ and becomes ordinary. That’s why if you want your brain working fully and have a good memory, you should simply have a regular sex life.

sex affects brain

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In addition, blood flows activate the brain cells and allow the vessels to be filled with plenty of oxygen. These factors also stimulate the human cerebral gray matter and therefore improve the activity of various parts of the human brain.

Earlier scientists from London conducted an experiment (how sex affects the mind) with the participation of 7000 volunteers. The results showed that the aging of human brain cells begins at the age of 45. At this age the first signs of decreasing brain activity appear.

How sex addiction affects the brain

sex addiction

There are some signs can used to indicate whether someone is addicted to sex. The sings are emotional or physical. Also, it’s very important to find out the debilitating effects of sexual addiction. Sex addiction is extremely dangerous like all the other ones. Scientists say that brain works in another way if the person is addicted. This brain reaction can be compared to the using drugs. But sex addiction can be treated before it causes lots of problems.


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However, if sex can make people smarter and cleverer, it can hardly be argued the opposite. If you want to be clever and quick-witted, it does not mean that you should look for more sexual activity. More intellectual teenagers, and it is a fact, tend to delay their first sexual experience and activity. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 found that high capacity and efficient use of memory is likely to decrease significantly in the case of early sexual experience of teenagers.

Some researchers say the delay of more than common ability to assimilate happens because of the ‘young’ sexual life of teenagers. It is also interesting, one study in 2010 showed that the two groups of teenagers with the more than average intelligence and below average intelligence didn’t have early sexual experiences. More recent research with the 536 same-sex twins had demonstrated, that intelligence is not connected with the success in school, the IQ level, and the age of first sexual experience.

So having sex may be a pleasure but not an important activity for your brain. Sex is a good exercise to stay healthy. But you shouldn’t think that sex is some kind of a magic wand that can treat all your diseases and make you extremely clever.

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Read books, try to learn something new! And have sex, of course. Then you’ll be smart and have a good mood!


Sex not only affects the pyamyat, but also develops the heart and normalizes irabotu psyche and makes a lot more beneficial to human health. This can talk long and hard, but many people are just shy to talk about it. Just like all the sex, because it is a pleasure which is not replaced by anything. And many organs in our body without it function poorly. I really liked the article, I think it will be useful to many people that have a negative attitude toward sex. Now they will have an incentive to improve memory.

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Well, sort of for a long time it is no secret that sex - is a kind of tablet. And accordingly, this tablet has a positive effect on the human body, including his brain activity. out stress, tension, and in return it comes to clarity of thought and the complete satisfaction of the vital activity. I do not know if there are people who have not observed this effect, but I am completely relieved of stress after sexual activity. Take note on all who are now in a terrible stress and wants to get rid of it immediately!))

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It has long been proven that a long abstinence from sex, is bad for our body. It may also affect the nervous system and on women's health. This is not surprising, because sex even helps with headaches. Men can be serious problems with the prostate, long abstinence may even lead to the problem such as prostate cancer. Anyway, sex is a high ideal in our lives, he always lifts the mood, brings people, gives the opportunity to relax and improve their health. And it is not dependent on its duration. Many doctors say that the duration of sex needs to be at least an hour, this is not true, the most important thing, is getting satisfaction.

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Sexual activity improves brain function. This conclusion was made by scientists from the U.S. and South Korea.

During the experiment on rodents psychologists from the University of Maryland demonstrated that sexual experience in the hippocampus increases the number of newly generated neurons. This area of the brain responsible for memory consolidation that is associated with improved cognitive functions. In addition, regular sex helped the rodents recover cognitive function. However, a positive effect is lost after the cessation of active sexual life.

South Korean scientists during experiments with mice found that sex reduces negative consequences of stress for the brain.

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