How sex is done between male and female in Nigeria

Sex is great, if you know how to have it the right way. Find out what sex is and the kinds of it that are out there.

Sex is a universal thing. It means that humans participate in it regardless of their culture, place of residence, language or even religion. Surely, the way people have sex greatly depends on all those factors. But the essence of it is the same for us all. And sex remains one of the highly appealing things for all humans around the glove. 99 percent of us want to know: how sex is done between male and female.

How sex is done

What is sex?

There are many words used to describe sex. Here are some of the most common terms:

  • How sex is done in NigeriaIntercourse
  • Making love
  • Sleep with
  • Have an affair
  • Coitus
  • Bang
  • Copulate
  • Mate
  • Hook up
  • Get laid

These and many other words are used to describe this special relation between humans. Traditionally, sex between man and woman is the only real thing. Of course, today people promote many other activities involving different combinations of participants, but we will not get into that.

Sex is when a man and a woman use their bodies to interact with each other in a special and intimate way. The Bible describes it as: he got to know her. Knowing each other is a nice way to explain the process.

What is sex?

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Sex relationship between man and woman may be “standard”, meaning that a man uses his penis and inserts it into the woman’s vagina. There are also other kinds of sex, such as oral or anal.

Traditional sex leads to reproduction. The semen is injected into the woman’s womb and she has high chances to get pregnant after the intercourse. However, sex is not meant solely for the childbirth sake. It is an action that allows a man and a woman to bold and obtain high level of pleasure.

How sex is done between male and female

What is sex like?

This question is often times asked by those who had no sex yet. Teenagers grow up and their bodies change. The hormonal boost awakens their sex drive and they begin to wonder what sex is like and how sex is done between male and female.

What is sex like?

It is a normal and healthy process. However, there is no one answer to this question, as sex is not just a physiological act. It involves the whole personality. In its essence sex is meant to produce pleasure and satisfaction. But it is possible only when both people are ready for it and they do it the right way.

As for men, they usually easily attain pleasure and experience orgasm during sex. It may not be the case with the women. Most girls are able to get female orgasm, but they have to be ready for it and they need a loving and caring man to help them do it.

What is sex like in nigeria

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When are you ready for sex?

Both in Christianity and Islam sex is allowed only after the marriage. However, in Nigeria in Islam tribes many a time young girls are given to marriage at an early age. They are not really ready for sex. Child marriage ruins their health and their ability to enjoy intercourse.

When are you ready for sex?

When is one ready for sex? Well, first of all there is no need to hurry with this delicate matter. Age is one of the criteria to use. Most people (males and females) can start having sex in their early teens, but that does not mean they are ready for it.

Most scientists agree that 18 + is a proper age to have sex, especially for girls. Their bodies get well developed by that age. They can conceive and deliver healthy babies and take good care of them, too. So, there is no need to hurry with it.

are you ready for sex?

Plus a person has to be ready emotionally and mentally to have sex. Otherwise, they may get trauma and cope with problems and low level of satisfaction throughout the life.

What is great sex?

Great sex is not only about how to sex between male and female. It is more about who to have sex with. Modern Western culture tried to make us believe that sex between husband and wife is boring. However, that is not true. In fact even scientists say that married sex can be the best kind of it in the world!

What is great sex?

Sex between husband and wife after marriage is fun. One good reason for it is that people get to know each other and trust each other. When you relax in bed, you can enjoy sex to the fullest. Moreover, the research states that married people get twice more sex than single. And they get it regularly, too.

Great sex is when you open up and get to know each other. You share the fantasies you have and try to fulfill them together. You try new kinds of sex all the time and do thing both of you like. There is nothing that can boost man’s enjoyment in bed than the sight of his woman getting madly excited over having sex with him and the other way around.

What is great sex for nigerian

As you see, having sex is fun, if it is done between two loving and trusting people who can relax and enjoy the intercourse. 


Informative article for those who did not know anything about sex and sex life. Also, this article would be useful to read the parents who are going to give a talk on the topic of sex education with your child. Written by simple and accessible language. For me, sex - it's really not the children the process of conception, but also a way to relax, have fun, show love to your spouse and make sure that he got pleasure. For me, this process is not more sex and lovemaking. Love one another and be faithful. Do not forget about the diseases that are transmitted sexually!

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