How sexy are you?

What does sexuality mean for you? How to draw attention of other people? Read the article to achieve success among opposite sex.

Have you ever interested how hot are you? How can it be defined? What person is considered sexy? Let’s answer on these questions.

How sexy are you

Sexuality meaning

For beginning, we should learn what is sexuality? Sexuality is not just the type of character of the person, which is given to him or her since birth. It is a set of qualities thanks to which people attract others. Extent of sexuality depends on numerous factors. Such factors can be shown throughout all human life, and even since their birth.

Types of sexuality

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All people got used to prove themselves in society and to show their features, which attract people around. To be sexual means to arouse desire in other person. It is not necessary to bet on beauty and to be the most well-groomed to attract a man or woman. Actually, it is enough to be able to behave definitely and to be self-assured. People with such traits of character attract others. Types of sexuality can be divided on man and female.

Female sexuality

Female sexuality

Among women, it is possible to distinguish the following signs of sexuality:

  • Self-confidence. Reserved and sure behavior will make a queen of each girl. The young ladies closed in themselves will never draw attention of men. But excessive self-confidence extinguishes nobody too. Therefore, it is necessary to be moderately energetic and sexual. Otherwise, you can scare away all the boyfriends.
  • Beautiful bends of body. Right posture can correct any situation. Raised shoulders, equal back and buttocks, which are set aside back are an ideal pose of the woman during the sitting or gait.
  • Beautiful breast, but not big. The main thing is to present yourself correctly and to emphasize the advantages beautifully. In this case, the woman with any figure has a chance to draw attention of any man.
  • Expressive eyes always get attention of men. It’s mischief will give them more charm and sexualities.

Sexuality meaning

  • Sexuality of woman is shown even in her hair. They always have to be well groomed and natural.
  • Beautiful and stylish clothes. It is not necessary to wear only fashionable dresses. But each young lady has to find her style in clothes, suitable for her.
  • Correct behavior, feminity, tactfulness, mind and opportunity to talk on various themes. Interesting woman is interesting to men.

Male sexuality

Male sexuality

Of course, male sexuality has several signs, which attract women.

  • First of all young ladies are attracted by self-assured men. But it isn't necessary to confuse this quality to narcissism and arrogance.
  • Charm will always help to gain any woman.
  • Mind and intelligence are excellent qualities for any man.

how hot are you

  • Ability to show care, kindness and indulgence is also very important for girls.
  • Of course, woman will not pay attention to the man without sense of humor. Ability to amuse and laugh at yourself is a valuable quality for men.
  • Some girls pay attention to wealth and a prestigious profession of a future pair.
  • Of course, beauty is also important. But don't be overzealous and keep courage.


For me, sexuality - is a set of movements, attitudes and positions. In every man there is sexuality, to a greater or lesser extent. I like smart, athletic body of people, from them and smells healthy. I also really like the people uhodennye, prichtno smelling, with good skin. When the skin is velvety, h ready to forgive all the other flaws, because it is incredibly soft skin makes me ecstatic. But in general, it all depends on the person feeding themselves, because there is someone that is coming, and on the other it also looks disgusting and dissolute. I realized for myself that the situation should be a pleasure to be yourself, only more open to the world, then everything will turn out.

Answered 1 year ago.

I believe that every man, drawing attention to a woman finds herself something sexy in it. So, one will be sexy eyes, breasts, for another - the hair, and for the third - the mind. It all individually. I somehow do not particularly thought about their sexuality. But I think I'm pretty sexy, if I pay attention to the other man, if I please the opposite sex. But this to me is not important. The main thing that I have always been sexual for her beloved. And the opinion of the rest of little interest to me.

Answered 1 year ago.

In man there is a lot of sexual parts of the body, someone may like the low sexy voice, someone's lips, Colm others private parts. To say exactly what is the sexual part of it, it is simply impossible. I like to feel sexy man his voice and cheekbones. Who appreciates the ass. In itself, I think that I have sexy legs and it's all in different ways. I think this article will be a lot of interesting, because sexuality concerns almost everyone, and want to be sexy all be paying attention. But it is not necessary with this pereborschivat, to be seksulnyh and not vulgar. Because many confuse the two names.

Answered 1 year ago.
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