How to accept and start loving yourself?

In this article let's talk about how to accept yourself! Many people do not properly understand the meaning of the phrase "self-acceptance".

accept yourself

This leads to the fact that instead of making our lives more enjoyable and easy, we do not only solve our problems but may even exacerbate them. What actually we are talking about?

The issue of self-acceptance is directly linked to the question of formation of a good self-esteem, creating full and harmonious relations with yourself and relatives. And in order to accept yourself, you should take the first step - to understand yourself, to know your needs, to deal with the qualities you possess.

accept yourself

Each of us - is unique in its essence, everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses, talents. But, as practice shows, not many people think about how to properly deal with the fact that he has inside.

How to love yourself?

As a rule, a person throughout his life creates a picture of himself, which is hardly adequate. After all, how does this happen? With the birth, our relatives begin to focus our attention on our certain qualities.

And there's someone lucky: someone praises, talks that you’re smart, capable, talented, but often you can find the opposite: someone abuses, spreads negative thoughts… all of this unconsciously influence on our self-esteem.

accept yourself

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Self-acceptance and permissiveness are different things

Making yourself here is an important point: the sense of self-acceptance is to learn not to get frustrated and do not blame yourself for these qualities or committed deeds. But this does not mean that you should treat everything permissively.

More than once people who had a lot of psychological pieces of training, however, told such a shocking sentence: "I realized that I have ... (for example, touchiness). So what? I am who I am, and I like it."

accept yourself

But this behavior is not acceptance, it is rather a selfishness. If you see that you have some qualities that prevent you from building relationships with beloved, the sense of self-acceptance is not that you are "reconciled" with the quality and continue to live as before, but it means you should change your behavior, do something in a new way.

Self-acceptance and loving yourself is a magical skill that opens the door to any dream, filling you with strength and energy. Learn to accept yourself, and then you really will live more happily and easily, and find out exactly that every your desire is feasible.

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