How to ask a girl out - 10 best ways for Nigerian guys 

Best dating and toastig advice for Nigerian guys. Get these tips now and ask that girl out!

Dating can be tricky and complicated in any part of the globe and in Nigeria in particular. One of the trickiest and unnerving moments of this process is mastering up your courage and being initiative. So, if you infatuated with a girl, but still do not know how to ask a girl out, learn from these 10 ideas and go for it.

asking a girl out

How to ask a girl out:

1. Do it in a manly fashion

dating tips for guys This means just come up to her and ask her out! Nigerian women like confident and masculine men. If you crave to find out, how to get a girlfriend, you should figure out what the girls like the best and be it.

Yes, women like romance, candy, flowers, moonlight and sweet nothings. However, the best in men they like MEN. They are mild and affectionate enough and they want to be with someone able to protect them and let them be women.

So, gear up your loins and ask her out in a manly way. How exactly is it done? Here are some dos and don’ts:

  • talk to her confidently and avoid looking away or staring down;
  • do not fidget or try to be comical. Just be yourself;
  • look straight at her and keep your chin up;
  • do not ask her where she wishes to go, instead offer your location and date scenario.

These simple things would help you to express your self-assurance and coax her into a thought that you are the right guy to go out with.

2. Flowers and movie tickets

dating tips for menThis works well if you know the girl likes both of these things. Of course, this is a risky business, because she still may say “no” and you would end up with a bouquet and movie tickets on hand.

Here is how you do it and get your first date with her. Buy a nice bunch of flowers. Take a little time and do research to boost the likelihood of acceptance.

If she is on social media take time and browse through her profile. Many girls write about their favorite movie genres or post pics of their best flowers. It's your chance to become a hero and to sweep her off her feet. 

So, pick what she likes instead of what you like. Avoid doing the budget thing that is if you really wish to sway her up her feet. Now, stick the cinema ticket into the bouquet and send it to her. 

Or, do the asking a girl out yourself. Just walk up to her and give her the blooms. If you are co-workers, you may set the bouquet on her table and leave a note added to it. This method on how to ask a girl out works well, because it is manly enough, but it is romantic and gives her more reasons to say “yes”.

3. Be bookish

tips on datingThis method works great with the girls fond of books and reading. There are numerous ways to go about the task.

If you are good at puzzles and crosswords you may take a book (the one she would most likely like) and create a little bookish quest for her. Let her find all the words on different pages and put together a phrase: will you go out with me or something of this sort.

If you know she is fond of poetry, find a book with a very nice piece of lyrics or a love quote, bookmark it, set the book on her table and affix a note asking her out on a date with you or toasting her. You may ask her to answer you through the same book using a part of it as her answer. It’s a cute and romantic way to attract and ask the girl out.

4. Use food

romantic food ideasEverybody loves food! Is she is a foodie, find out what is her favorite food. You can do it just talking to her; ask her friends about it or search her social network profile.

Now, let’s say she likes pizza, jollof rice or a cake. You may easily use such food to ask her out. You may create an eatable note: let’s get out together or something of the sort.

It can be written right on the cake or pizza with glazing, chocolate or sauce.

It’s a very creative and romantic way to get your crush give you the positive response. It works especially well during some festivals, such as Valentine day or Christmas. Food is so essential to such events and it gives you wide scope for imagination.

5. Create a video

tips on toastingInternet and gadgets provide us with so much enjoyment and opportunities for relationships. Why not use them for dating and inviting her out? In fact, it could be one of the best way to ask a girl out. You may use your phone camera to record a video and upload it on YouTube or your social media page.

Squeeze in few compliments in your video. Girls like that. Give a hint on what your plans are for the date to tantalize her and make her want to do it with you.

This is a great way to show your confidence, because other people might see your video too. It indicates how manly you are and the fact that you are not petrified to get refusal.

6. Quest her out

love quest for datingThis works the best for fun loving, sporty and active females. If your crush is like that go for it. Make a treasure hunt plan, but do not forget to make it romantic and nice.

Just be nice to the girl. Such stuff as bonbons, flowers and small gifts she may get during the quest would inspire her to get to the end and receive your message.

You may even grab life by the horns and instead of putting away that first date get it right then and there.

Tell her about your feelings and say: I am expecting you right now in a café or at the cinema or in the park. My heart beats like crazy and I wish to see you here now.

7.  Write a letter

love letter to a girlOr, start a correspondence with her. You may do it online or offline. Be smart. You may use great love quotations, cute jokes, love phrases or phrases from movies, etc.

Word your notes in such a way that she would be enticed to answer you. If you are doing it online or on mobile use pictures, photos, animated stuff to make it more fun.

Or you may do it in an old times romantic fashion. Get some decent paper and ink. You may even use odorized paper. Write in nice hand writing. Use portions of lyrics and poems.

Do it in a Shakespeare fashion. When addressing her use her full name and title.  Get as romantic as you can, but stay manly. Get a nice envelope and put a small gift inside the letter or a handful of dried flower petals.

8. Turn into a fortune teller

love and dating tipsIt’s another fun way to get her say “yes” and go out with you. Of course you should not be hinting at getting married or into some serious type of relationships. What you need is some fun. There are the fortune cookies you can use or you can ask your sister make one for you.  Put a note inside to invite her to the first date. Make it fun, tasty and interesting. It’s a excellent way to grow your confidence and experience in dating and in asking out.

9. Get the right bait

dating tips for men 2There is no one fits all tactic in courting. Some girls like confident men, others like romantic ones. Some girls love reading, dreaming and art, others like sports and activity. So, just make sure you pick the right bait for the girl. It also means you need to show authentic interest in the girl and in her likes and dislikes. All ladies love to be appreciated.

Before making this final step take time to get to know her better. Ask her questions and just listen. Hang out with her and her friends with no romance in sight, just fun. Get online and connect with her on social sites. Do your homework and then go head and pick the right bait.

10. Just do it

asking a girl out 2If nothing else works for you and none of these ideas of how to ask a girl out seem to appeal to you, just do it. Surely, there are the chances of being turned down.

Such things are the part of life. They are no good reason to give up and not even give it a try. Just summon up your courage, pick a moment, come up to her and ask her out! Just like that, because there are still high chances of dating and making love to her.

You’ve got plenty of ideas now. You may try any of them or merge several together.

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DOs and DON'Ts of asking a girl out and getting a date: 

dating dos and don'tsDO pay attention to her and be appreciative.  If you esteem her and handle her nicely, than even if she says “no” there won’t be much bitterness in it.

DON’T be too pressing. If she needs some time to consider things over or to check with her parents, let it be so.

DO open up to her and show your true personality. After all it’s the best of what you have to offer.

DON’T try to be a macho or some movie hero. Just be normal, fun and active.

DO pay her nice compliments. All girls love that. Mention how nice she looks and try to pay attention to details.

DON’T talk of serious matters right away. Just give yourself and her time to chat, put her at ease and get some good time together.

DO ask her some questions and help her tell you more about her life, family and stuff.

DON’T do all the talking yourself. This would just show selfishness and lack of attention in your date.

Overall work on your confidence and your ability to communicate. These two things help guys to get more positive answers and to get rid of their dread of getting a date. 

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