How to ask a woman out and not to be refused?

How to invite the woman for date correctly? What are the best ways and places there you can ask a woman out and not to be refused? Read the article to learn the best tips and have a wonderful date with the woman you like.

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Guys very often have a question: ‘How to invite the girl to the date? How to ask a woman who knows you well to go for a walk with you?’ Even if you know how cool to hold a meeting, to tempt the girl etc., nothing will be fine if the girl doesn't meet you. You would have no chance to show yourself from the best part. Therefore, in this article you learn how to invite the girl to the first date that she has precisely agreed to come. So, there are two ways how it is possible to ask the woman out: on Facebook, with SMS, or by phone. You can choose the most suitable way for yourself, so let's talk about each of them separately.

  • How to ask a woman out by phone?

It is the most effective way as the girl hears your voice and intonation. She will have no time for thinking out excuses. Before inviting the girl on date by phone, you have to define a specific time and place. Also you have to think up an occasion why she has to meet with you. It can be, for example, some cool surprise. If before calling the girl, you have a cool phone or online conversation with her, the chances that she agrees to go out with you are bigger. It isn't necessary to say ‘I want to see you’, ‘I want to invite you to the date’ etc. It will be wrong. You can say instead of it: ‘I have something for you’, ‘I want to show you something’. It will be an occasion to ask the girl out.

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So, you already know where and when you will meet with the woman. After that you can dial her phone number. At initial stage of communication, it is necessary to find out whether the girl is busy at the moment. If it is too noisy near her, you'd better to stop a conversation. The most important is that your communication was comfortable. If connection is bad or someone distracts her, it is better to say ‘I will call back later’. She can also call when she is free. Anyway, it is worth calling once again in an hour. After you convinced that the woman isn't busy, it is necessary to communicate with her some time. Tell some story, listen to her. But it isn't necessary to suggest her to out at once. It is possible to hint the girl at the date after your communication. Also to invite the girl on date by phone, it is possible to tell her, for example: ‘I want to buy one thing, and I need your help. We will have cool meeting’. If the girl asks about an intrigue, which you have prepared for her, tell: ‘You will learn everything at the meeting because I have not enough time, let's meet at six o'clock’. If the woman says that she can't meet in a due time, ask when she can, and you meet her at this time.

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The third option is when the girl doesn’t​​ agree to the date. She can ask you call tomorrow/next month. It means that you worked badly before appointing a meeting to the girl. She has no desire to meet you or she is really busy. In that case, it would be advisable to study the girl – ask her couple of questions about her life during phone conversation: where she works, etc. If you act according to this scheme, the girl will agree to go out with you.

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  • How to ask a woman out at work?

  Work is one of the simplest places and best wayto invite the girl to the date. You can call her to drink a cup of coffee in a lunch break or to invite to dinner under a pretext to discuss last hard working day and have a rest of it. As you regularly see each other, try to define in detail what is pleasant to this woman so the choice of the meeting place was the most successful.

  • How to ask a woman out in Facebook for the first time?

Very often, there are situations when the girl doesn't want to give her phone number. It doesn't mean that you aren't pleasant to her, and she doesn't want to communicate at all. Perhaps, earlier she was often called, were kidding, and she doesn't want to give her phone number any more. In that case, you should better find her in social networks. Communication in Facebook has advantages, as it is always possible to think what to write to the girl upfront. Besides, you aren't nervous when you text. But it is worth to remember that the woman can also think up excuses in Facebook concerning why she doesn't want to go out. The young lady doesn't hear your voice and emotions. But if to do everything competently, then it is easily possible to invite the girl to the date in social networks.

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Most often, young men write: ‘Can I invite you to the date’, ‘Let’s go to cinema tomorrow?’ or other nonsense. But the woman cannot answer such SMS. If she isn't absolutely interested in you, or there is other guy who has interested in her more, you have to interest her stronger and only then invite her to the date. Therefore, if she hasn't answered, you lose control over communication. When you position your meeting as a date – it is bad, as such offer imposes a certain responsibility on the girl. Therefore, it is better to position it as friendly meeting.

Before going for a walk with the girl, think what interesting questions you can ask. You have to speak on pleasant subjects and try to exclude negative. Movies, food, holidays are good subjects. Works, study, former beloved are bad subjects. In addition, it is desirable to learn more about balance of the importance between the girl and young man. It will help you to construct the relations and not to make a mistake at the beginning of their development. The main thing is to feel confident. Girls like sure guys who know what they want.

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