How to be romantic – 20 best tips for Nigerians

Both men and women like romance in dating and relationships. If you can learn some tricks of being romantic, you can become very popular and boost your love life.

To get somebody’s heart might be quite complicated. However, not only boys, but also girls might have such problems. That’s why lots of men and women are eager to know how to be romantic. Nevertheless, you need to understand that to reach such goal you must have enough patience and be ready to spend your time.
How to be romantic

What does it mean? Being romantic denotes to stay sensitive and sentimental, prepare romantic dates for your girlfriend (or boyfriend). It’s quite difficult to keep to such behavior all the time, even while makinglove or watching movies.

There can be various reasons for people to set this purpose. And every next step may depend on them.

Why to become romantic

 be romantic – 20 best tips for NigeriansThe majority of people want to know how to get romanticbecause of the following reasons:

  • to enhance theirrelationship while dating,
  • to add something new to their sexual life,
  • to get a person’s heart,
  • to revive a marriage,
  • to make a special proposal, etc.

In fact, there might be many more reasons, but these are the most common ones.

For those men who cannot understand the romantic needs of women, we want to offer the following ones:

  • To feel safe. A female needs to be sure her husband loves and accepts her. Thus, she’ll be able to give herself to him and uncover her true nature. There must be a kind of commitment.
  • How to be romantic for NigeriansTo hear gentle words and receive tender touches. It concerns after marriage things. Before it a couple can, for example, hold hands. It is advisable not to change it even after getting married. Thus, you’ll manage to save an important part of your relations. Tender and touching words of love are necessary as well in order to let your woman know she is special.
  • Spiritual support. It is probably the most important thing. A girl needs to know she has a protector, someone who is on her side.
  • Intimate conversations. It’s essential to trust each other and share everything whether it is good or bad. If you want to know how to be romantic, remember that talks are inevitable. It’s necessary to be not only a lover, but also a great friend. Besides, it will help in sex as well.
  • Focused attention. At times a couple just needs to spend some time away from phones, children, and other things. Plenty of problems might be resolved this way.

Even though, these needs might be obvious. Let’s see why men actually want romance.

  • How to be romantic – 20 best tips It’s ego stroking. It may be surprising but great number of men likes complements. With the help of them, they feel more confident. Not only words, but also gifts might be of use in such situation. For example, buy a pair of boxers saying “best lover” or anything like that. Besides, a girl must know how to be romantic in bed as well. Remember, that men do not like being rejected.
  • Respect. Romantic behavior shows that you respect your boyfriend’s feelings. And it’s important for him. Try to appreciate everything he does for you.
  • Time alone. Let him spend time alone, for instance, watching football. For them it’s very touching that you value him and don’t judge him.

Thus, you see that everyone needs romance.

How to be more romantic

In order to build successful romantic relationships you will need several tips. All the wooing methods usually include them as well. They are as follows:

  1. Be thoughtful. Any time you make a gift you should think of it beforehand. It must be symbolic and meaningful. It will show that you take care of you beloved’s needs.
  2. Attention. Give all your attention to your partner when s/he needs it. Be ready if they want to start a conversation or anything else.
  3. How to be romantic NigerianLet your beloved know you think of them. For example, you can send romantic text messages. Moreover, it will help to create a kind of intimacy between you.
  4. Make special dates. Cook or order a dinner, turn on romantic music,preparedrinks.Thus, you’ll surprise and impress your other half.
  5. Leave notes. It is almost the same as romantic love messages. Ordinary details or cute words on the piece of paper might have a very striking effect.
  6. Do favors. If you really want to be romantic, you must understand the needs of your beloved. Sometimes s/he might need help. And if you do a favor without any requests it will be very nice of you.
  7. Be creative. You may write romantic love letters or even poems/songs. Besides, it’s effective to write “I love you” in unlikely places (like the mirror in the bathroom).
  8. Make romantic names. Both men and women like it (in most cases). Call your special one sweetie, sweetheart, dear, darling, etc. It’s better to create your own meaningful “names”.
  9. How to be romantic 1Memories. It is so nice to have mutual memories. In order to keep them you can make an album with your photos. You can do it together or you may prepare it as a surprise.
  10.  Your own special dates. Besides St. Valentine ’s Day and other celebrations, there should be your own occasions only for you.
  11.  Love declaration. There exists large amount of ways. You may say it in public or do it in an old-fashion way. Write a poem or a letter to confess, sing a song.
  12.  Romantic quotes. When you write SMS or a letter, use them to make it more romantic and sentimental.
  13.  Refresh your relationships. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. It’s important to show you affection all the time. Don’t forget to kiss, hug, and express your love in various ways.
  14.  Complements. Pay attention to what you are saying. Try to create new words and complements for your other half. It will show that you still care and love.
  15.  How to be romantic – 20 best tips1Visual look. It may seem okay to be natural with someone you love. However, don’t be lazy. You need to stay attractive for your beloved.
  16.  Courtship. It mostly concerns men. However, women can make use of it as well. Keep making small presents and pretty things even after years of dating or marriage. It will show you still have affection and it isn’t just a habit.
  17.  Be spontaneous. It’s necessary not only while toasting a girl, but also in long relations. Always try to create something new and unexpected. Thus, excitement and romance will be present all the time.
  18.  Spend time apart. You’ve probably heard that distance makes relations stronger. Moreover, you’ll get more opportunities for lovely texting and other romantic things like good night conversations.
  19.  Explore the outdoors. You may feel more romantic even if you just walk in the morning together. Going for a picnic is also a good idea.
  20.  Do things together. Find any hobby, which will be suitable for both of you. It might be dancing or yoga courses. Choose whatever you like. It’ll make you closer to each other, you’ll have more things to talk about.

These are the most important tips that can help you to become a bit more romantic and have good and strong relationships (never mind if you’re a man or a woman).

Practical methods

You have already found out that romance helps all couples, including the married ones. However, there are people, who are not very creative, but they want to save the relations and maintain love. We offer several concrete examples of creating romantic atmosphere for them, which include the following:

  • make a CD with the meaningful or favorite songs, be romantic – 20 tips
  • spontaneously come to his or her work and take for lunch,
  • if your woman is on a business trip in the other city – send flowers to her,
  • if you aren’t very creative to write a song yourself, then dedicate it to you other half on the radio,
  • carve your initials in a tree,
  • devote the whole day to your sweetheart and whatever they want,
  • plant a tree together as a symbol,
  • book a lovely hotel and spend night there together,
  • invent your own meal and call it after him or her,
  • create a blog dedicated to your partner, romantic for Nigerians
  • offer massage (it can also revive sexual attraction),
  • take a bath together (with champagne or wine, bubbles, and candles),
  • write a thoughtful love letter (probably even anonymous but with the hits it’s from you),
  • cook a special dish by yourself,
  • watch a romantic movie holding each other’s hand.

Of course, you can create your own way of building romantic feelings. These are just a few examples.

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Turn offs

 20 best tips How to be romanticTo make sure you do everything right, consider factors that can spoil all the romance. They are:

It is actually an archenemy of any relationships. You may not even notice it, but when you feel jealous, you start changing. You can get angry, rude, and inattentive. There is nothing good in it for both partners.

The third opinion.
It’s not advisable to set somebody’s opinion above your partner’s. You always need to listen to him/her and make decisions together.

Even if your other half says anything rude, don’t start to ignore them. S/he may think you just walk away from the talk. It can lead to the total neglect.

 20 best tips romantic for NigeriansBig sacrifices.
If you show that spending time on him or her is a sacrifice for you, you may finally lose your other half.

Controlling behavior.
Everyone needs their space, and no one likes total control. You have to give some freedom to your partner (for instance, for seeing friends).

Bad mouthing.
Insulting is not a good strategy for building strong relations. Be tender, patient, and understanding. Your partner will appreciate it.

To build strong and log relationships isn’t an easy task. You always need to work on yourself and devote time to the one you love. However, don’t get upset, it isn’t an impossible thing. Anyone can become more romantic if they make enough efforts for it. All you need is to follow several important advices and avoid things, which are able to destroy your love. Try to create your own ways to impress your other half or use some of the suggested above. Thus, you’ll successfully achieve your purpose.


A romantic is a person who does everything from the heart and never thinks about himself and how much he will cost. Buy a bouquet and sung in the doorknob, ring the doorbell and runaway. Hang the balls on the stairs before going outside, and the balls to write her name. Be attentive to every word and glance. Said pain-kiss, blow. Said tired-take on the hands. No matter what will fall along the main gesture. To open the door, a hand. Just listen to your heart, and then - when you hear the General melody - listen and she will tell you when and how to be romantic. This will not necessarily stars or candles. It can be at first glance something trivial obyknovennoj - but for you two to be the best. And don't be afraid to ask her about desires and dreams ...and realize them together with her.

Answered 2 years ago.

I think that nowadays the most important thing is not to be afraid to be romantic. Some people, especially men, afraid that the others would not understand their ways of showing their feelings and emotions. They afraid of being jested by others, who can't share their mood. We should not afraid to show our feelings and our romantic attitude towards the person who we love. Romantic relations between couple help to save their feelings for a long time and every day proove and show our natural feelings.

Answered 2 years ago.

Romance is necessary for potderzhaniya Relationships, Marriage and procreation. In modern times the romance slowly "dying". Many have forgotten that such care for a woman to make her nice gifts and millet to pay attention.

And without it would not be nomarlnoy family and therefore happiness.

For romance need not much:



We show -gotovnost sacrifice for the sake of women;

-Love-or at least sympathy for her.

Also, it is very powerful and has a good tool compliments.

So do not be greedy attention and know the joy of giving!

Answered 2 years ago.

Unexpected roses on the doorstep with a deep love letter or serenade will make any woman melt like a burning candle. Expression of your romantic side must be unique in it's own way. By doing simply but cute things we allow our partner see that we sincerely value and cherish them. Finally, i tenderly touch woman's soul and heart by caresses their ears with some chill romantic conversation adding playful tricks making her giggling like a kid. Girls desire freedom, gotta be cool and confident knowing about the next move towards her to make a successful approach.

Answered 2 years ago.

In my mind it is really hard to save romantic relationship and to maintain it.We live in a made pace of life with the current values and contemporary attitudes. Sometimes our loved may disappoint you or even injure. All men who love should understand that our partners offend and disappoint us because human nature is to be egoist. This realization may be to help us to be romantic in ongoing world.

I can prefer a good idea for your romantic to play a game for a wish who wins a game can make a desire which will be connecting with love.

Answered 2 years ago.

Nowadays, you will be truly romantic need put lot of care, attention and imagination. Romantics should able find unexpected and wonderful ways express their feelings other person. Sometimes, showing it all, even its difficult not interfere with feelings of tastelessness and insincerity, and it does not matter whether you have met week ago or twenty years together and just decided to freshen up little attitude. We must always work on relationships, be careful and gentle with each other. Because, all we need is love!

Answered 2 years ago.

The Romantic man in the eyes of some people is a talented poet, or singer who sings about love, or artist, as if the romantic person exists only in the movies, or even a character which is rare, but this is not true. The interest in women's heart and her feelings is a romantic color , to respond to what do you often see of her invisible feelings , It is also romantic, for example, woman loves animals and reflects on their lives, it is possible to give her a book about animals , even if you don’t adore them . to present the girl a doll in the form of what is considered romantic appropriate estimates her dream of becoming a mother. man generally needs only to be romantic a heart of loving and affectionate, fluent in the treatment with his partner. Some understanding of the romantic things as trivial, and do not have a part of time in man's practical life. But the simplest things can make happiness and satisfaction to woman , like a bouquet of roses, attention to the vital events during the year , and a lot of other easy romantic stuff  .

Answered 2 years ago.
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