How to become a good kisser?

Why kissing is so important and why most relationships end because partner can’t do it in the right way. Check out surprising tips on how to make your kisses unforgettable!


Kissing is not only a real fun but also a very important thing too. According to the research, 90% of all people remember the details of their first romantic kiss. Interesting to know, that unsatisfying kissing can also be a reason for ending the relationships. 59 % of men and 66% of women reported their break-up as a result of poor pecking.

Unfortunately, it happens because people don’t know how to do it in the right way. Have you ever thought about it? Now it is time to learn how to make you kissing magnificent:

For guys:

1.    Take care of time

You should choose the right time for kissing. Don’t kiss your lady when you are eating. Instead, wait when you go to some romantic place and have some mints ready in your pocket. Always be aware of settings and her comfort level.

1.    Take care of time

2.    Do the 90% and let her do other 10%

This is kind of equation which was found out by Will Smith. Guys become very aggressive when kissing a lady because they are getting nervous. It is a man who is initiating a kissing. So Will encourages that the man should do 90% of work and let his women the other 10%. If she actually wants you, that’s small effort to give.

 Do the 90% and let her do other 10%

3.    Use your hands

There are two ways of using your hands. First, when initiating the kiss, pick her chin up lightly with your hand. When you begin to kiss, gently place your hands on her cheeks. Run your fingers through her hair. Second, gently place your hands on her lower back. Don’t put them on her but. After that, draw her hips lightly towards you. This way you will increase desire.

Use your hands

4.    Don’t go too far

There is a simple formula: Her esophagus plus your tongue equals to failure. This is the main complaint women have about bad kissers. Keep in mind that this is the main rule of kissing. Your tongue shouldn’t be too energetic, but it shouldn’t be a dead fish either. Give it some life, but be aware of what she’s doing with hers as well.

Don’t go too far

5.    Listen to her

Listen to her body and breathing. Try to find some subtle hints that what you’re doing is right or something she’s enjoying. You also can sincerely ask her when you’re not in the middle of getting down to business.

Listen to her

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For ladies:

1.    Be aggressive

You should be aggressive in anything that is related to kissing. Don’t be afraid to initiate kissing and don’t be distracted at that special moment. Be aggressive in the kissing with your lips and tongue. Don’t hesitate to rub, grab and grope. Be fearless and don’t hold back.

Be aggressive

2.    A-Frame

According to the famous magazine, doing the A-Frame is the best way to feel your partner and initiate more passionate kissing. How to do that? You and your partner just need to kiss with your hips apart. This way you will create “A” figure from a side view.


3.    Alternate lips

You have two lips, so use both of them during the kissing. You can focus on one or the other and alternate. It is incredibly sexy and makes you feel like you are in the movie. Interesting to know that there over one hundred more nerve endings in your lips than on the fingertips.

Alternate lips

4.    Open your mouth more

It is essential to open your mouth during kissing because this way you will give your partner something to work with. Men feel really frustrating when they are forced to use their tongue to make your mouth your open. It is really enjoyable when your mouth is open, and you can explore each other.

Open your mouth more

5.    Take care of some important things

This is extremely important to think what to eat before kissing as well as what you put on your lips. Did you know that lip gloss, stick and lip balm activates sweetness receptors in your partner's mouth and sends another sense to overdrive? Also take care of clothes you wear that day, so your partner will not become too passionate.

 Take care of some important things.

Kissing can be overwhelming, but don’t let it overcome you. Kissing can make you nervous, but don’t lose your cool. Kissing can be scary, but not as scary as the idea of doing it completely wrong and disappointing your lover. We all want to be loved, we all want to be held, and we all, so desperately, want that fireworks kiss. We wish you to have as many magnificent kisses as you want!

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