How to break up with your boyfriend politely?

Why do people choose to break up? How to say it right and what is the best time for this? Read and learn the politest tips.

It is hard to find a perfect match from the first time. We meet people, try to date with them and then separate because they are not suitable for us. Very often, it becomes a difficult task to break up boyfriend. Girls try to do everything smoothly in order not to hurt a person.

how to break up with your boyfriend

Why people fall apart?

There exist plenty of reasons, why women are looking for an appropriate way to break up. Let’s observe the most common ones:

  1. Different values. When people have absolutely nothing in common, it starts bothering them after some time. Very few people can really put up with it.
  2. House duties. Sometimes people cannot divide their chores. It leads to quarrels and relations get spoiled. For particular girls, it is not fair that they do everything. The men’s help is necessary for them.breakup tips
  3. Unreliability. If males promise something, they must fulfill it. Otherwise, the girl will feel offended and neglected. Such situations often lead to separation.
  4. Absence of passion. It frequently happens that after some time of relations, the feelings are not the same anymore. People do not have that attraction to each other. They might even not have sex. Such relationships are doomed to breakup.
  5. Tragedy. Sometimes something may happen, which is not connected to the relations themselves. An important person, such as friend or parent, dies. In this case, everything can change in a second and your beloved will never be the same.
  6. Cheating. This reason is one of the most popular. One of the partners (usually a man) has adulterous relationship. He breaks the heart of his other half. Very few women are able to forgive such behavior.
  7. Lack of potential. There are relations, which will never end with marriage or something serious. Women usually understand whether they will be happy or not in future with this very guy. Some of them try to convince themselves that they will. However, such relationships will be over sooner or later.
  8. Falling out of love. It sounds prosaically, but it happens. People just do not feel anything towards each other anymore. This is probably the best situation, as neither of them get hurt.break up letter to boyfriend
  9. Bad relations with friends and family. There are situations, when girls’ parents cannot approve the boy on a certain reason. It might also lead to separation.
  10. Bad sex. When a man is not able to satisfy his woman, she will possibly break up with him and find the other guy, who will be more suitable for her physically.

These are the most frequent reasons to fall apart. Nevertheless, there are much more cases and various situations in life.

How to break up with your boyfriend?

It is extremely hard to find necessary words to say goodbye. The girls are not those types of creatures, who do not care of other people’s feelings.

break up msg for boyfriend

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The right methods and phrases will allow to make a breakup easier and less painful for both sides. Consider the following breakup tips:

  • Decide if you really want to separate, because there won’t be any way back.
  • Talk to him only in person. Break up msg for boyfriend is not an option. Thus, you will only express your neglect to his feelings. Of course, if we are talking about long-distance relations, you have no other way. In this case, write a heartfelt break up letter to boyfriend.

break up boyfriend

  • Never do this in front of his friends, family or other people. It is not also appropriate to separate during vacation together. Remember that he will need to spend some time alone after your words.
  • Choose appropriate time. If he has problems or a tragedy has recently happened in his family, it is better to wait and do not make everything worse.
  • Be honest. Tell everything you really want to. Do not be afraid to share things you have been bothered by in relations. You can say the true reason of your decision as well. However, do not be too rude and never insult your partner.
  • Leave him alone after breaking up. Every person needs to think everything over, to calm down and to accept.

Follow our advice to make your breakup painless and polite. It is even possible to stay friends with your former partner or at least save good and warm memories about each other.

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