How to choose sex positions according to Zodiac signs?

Find out which sex position would be the best for you and your partner based on your zodiac signs!

zodiac signs sex

Do you want to make your sex life more interesting? Then you have to try more sex positions!

Sex positions according to zodiac signs

Sex position for Libra and Aries


The best position for you would be reverse cowgirl! Your personality is very special as you are used to be the best in everything in your life. You love winning, you love being the boss. You like dominating in bed too!


You have an exact idea what your sex should look like. You want it to be perfect and proper. The best pose would be spider. Both you and your partner have the same roles – no one is more important than the other.


The best option for you would be missionary. The reason for it is that you like everything to be in order. You are conservative and you like to know what is going to happen next.

zodiac signs sex

It’s not that you don’t want to try more difficult things – you just don’t think that it makes sense. Sex is also a habit and it should remain the same!


Unlike Taurus, you love changing! You want to try everything out there and every new sex position really excites you! You are really active during sex and that’s why you need to chose a really special pose.

For example, try to do it while you’re standing.

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Even though this zodiac sign is not the most sensitive one, be aware that they love intimacy when they are in bed. Moreover, they are very tender during the process.

The best sex position for cancer is definitely sitting up cowgirl.


zodiac signs sex​​​​​​​

You love attention and you can’t live without admiration. That’s why you need a partner who will support your ideas about sex. You love dominating, that’s for sure. Choose doggy style.

You can do it next to the mirror to get more sexual excitement.

Sex positions for a Virgo woman

Leo might be a good partner for you as you love when someone else is commanding. Being passive is sometimes a good quality in sexual life. Try to ask your partner to tell you what to do and follow his instructions.

You might be surprised how satisfying the result might be. It is the sex position for Virgo and Aries too.


Sometimes you don’t show your emotions to the people that you don’t want to know anything about you. But you know that you are actually a very sensitive person who wants his sex to be passionate as a fire.

You can go for any sex position because sex is one of your favourite things to do. If you are tired of ordinary sex, try using some objects to change the routine.


You are a truly wild person. You are open-minded and confident. You know what you want from life but at the same time you love adventures. Doggy style would perfectly work for you.

Try to be as close to your partner as possible. It will create a special atmosphere which will help you relax and feel a lot more satisfaction.

Sex positions for Capricorn

zodiac signs sex

You can’t make love with a random person. You really need to know each other better before you actually feel like you are ready to have physical contact with the person.

Try to have sex on your stomach – ask your partner to take care of you and you will get a lot of fun and joy!


As for this zodiac sign, sex is not a matter of love for them. They love the process but they don’t have any feelings about it. Use some extra objects to make it extraordinary and unforgettable.

The best sex position would be on your back.


Sex positions for Pisces and Libra are somewhat similar

You are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. You feel like the relationship between you and your partner is the most important thing. Intimacy is something that sex is impossible without for them.

All sex positions that include partners being close to each other will work for this zodiac sign.

To sum up, sex positions horoscope can’t give a 100% guarantee that your sex will become better but you should definitely try something new!

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