How to do virginity test at home?

What is a virginity test and how it can be done at home? Find out the answer.

In many religion including Christianity and Islam, the concept of virginity is vital. And the husband is supposed to be the first man to disvirgin or “pop a cherry” with the woman he marries. How does one know the girl is still a virgin? Is there a virginity test to use?

How to do virginity test

What is virginity test for women in Africa?

In females virginity is tightly connected with a hymen. It is a piece of flesh that partially covers up the entrance into vagina. If the hymen is in place it may (or may not) mean the girl is a virgin. Technically she is a virgin if she has an unbroken hymen.

So, virginity test is mostly about checking if the hymen is there. In most cases, the proper test could be done only in the doctor’s office, when a woman gets examined by a gynecologist.

How to do virginity test at home? – That is our question

 virginity test

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There is something called the two finger test. Usually, it should be done by elderly women. They carefully examine the vagina and even insert their finger into it to test the muscles. A virgin, who have never had a male organ inside of her would have a tighter vagina than a lady who already had sex.

Is it a good thing to do such a test?

 virginity test at home​​​​​​​

For one, a virginity test is a part of sexism. As one woman said: “no one’s penis is important enough to judge who I am or to define me.” And it can also evoke various infections in vagina if not performed with care. Moreover, true virginity cannot be defined by hymen or absence of inserting penis into the vagina. A woman still can have oral sex or even anal sex and remain a “virgin”. Or she could restore hymen to get back her “virginity” through a surgery.

As you see, being a virgin is much more than just having certain things in place. It is about moral purity and commitment to God and to the man she loves.


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Answered 11 months ago.

So I think a virgin - this is a girl who had no anal or oral sex. Which is not bad intentions in this regard. But virginity testing is not always confirms the presence of the hymen. Even if a girl has never had a sexual relationship with a guy, the hymen can be broken at birth, or rupture as a result of occupation certain types of activities. So, do not just blame the girl. And more so, medicine is very advanced, and to restore the hymen is not difficult. And I always do not understand why the guys are struggling to find the girl - a virgin not. Follow the important rule of virginity in relation to itself?

Answered 1 year ago.
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