How to find a good wife?

That's how our life is, that sooner or later every man asks himself questions about marriage and how to choose and find a future wife.


So, who she is - a good wife, to whom we should pay attention when we start to looking for a candidate for the literally high and responsible position held?

We offer the following brief formulation: a good wife - a woman, who is married with a view to achieve her purpose in life, and volunteered to take the entire set of responsibilities and obligations associated with the marriage.

What is meant here? Firstly, this means that the woman, when she is married, understands and agrees that family life - it's not a fun and endless holiday but a daily hard work in order to achieve the above objectives, the main of which is the birth and rearing of viable offspring.

Choosing a wife can be done by a variety of ways.


This is true, but the point in all cases is the same - one way or another a man should choose the girl that has the qualities that are necessary for the future good wife: decency, responsible attitude to life, health, intelligence, and so on. So, the task of man is to analyze the qualities of a particular girl, and decide for himself - can she be a good wife or not.

There are many techniques and methods that help to make the right choice, from the most simple to the incredibly sophisticated.

Of course, you can also use a variety of modern techniques, including testing and professional analysis of consistency psychological, physiological, genetic and other factors. Please note - do not trust too many tests and recommendations of dubious origin that are present in abundance on the Internet. In any case, preference should be given to professionals and the final decision should be taken by you.

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In this article we offer you to read about five necessary and sufficient qualities of a girl. These qualities are built on priorities, so if, for example, a girl doesn’t possess the first quality, then there are no reasons for checking the remaining qualities. So:

1. World outlook. The girl must have the moral outlook of the adult type, and your outlook pretty much have to match each other. This is the main and defining quality, a kind of a solid foundation for a family. Otherwise, everything can crumble like a house of cards.

2. The so-called "women's wisdom." Without this, the quality of family life in a matter of months, or even days turns into something from which you will have a desire to get rid of as soon as possible.

3. Reproductive performance. She should not have physiological barriers to conception potentially healthy child, for the full gestation and childbirth, as well as for the subsequent feeding of the child with own breast milk until the age of at least 1 year. To check the quality of the required it would be better to conduct medical tests by mutual agreement and on a reciprocal basis.

4. Heredity. The girl must pass on to future children as much as possible good genetics, what you need to know the relevant details of the life of her ancestors on the paternal and maternal lines for at least several generations (hereditary diseases, bad habits, etc..). Checking the quality of the carried out, of course, also in agreement and on a reciprocal basis, including medical methods. At the same time - pay attention! - It is also determined by your physiological and genetic compatibility.

5. General health. A long and happy family life requires that from the very beginning (before the wedding) a good health of the girl. The weak and prone ladies simply can not withstand the physical and psychological stress that occurs during family life.

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