How to find out whether I am an option or priority for my partner?

If someone has serious relationships, he/she expects own partner to put priority partner above everyone else. In turn, it will be reciprocated so they both continue working to make perfect relationship. How to find out whether I am an option or priority for my partner? Let us try to figure it out.

option or priority for a partner

Sometimes people have already been in certain relationship where they keep hoping things will get better. You somehow start realizing that you are not the first thing your beloved partner thinks about.

What really happens?

One of the widespread complaints from couples is that one of the partners starts feeling that he/she is not together any longer. Other people think that their relationships have lost its importance to a priority partner. From time to time this is a situational thing. For example, one of you at the moment has either to cope with extra work demands or has problems with an ill relative.

Partners are not together any longer

However, often it happens so that both of you both feel detached. Of course, in this situation you do not have to quarrel all the time, but you also stop talking talk beyond mapping out the logistics of the following day. Such couples are slowly falling into parallel lives, where everyone starts doing own things.

Psychologists` advice

Psychologists state that making your partner your priority is often quite a hard thing to cope with all by alone. Therefore, experts offer some indications that should help you understand better your real place in your partner`s life.

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So, let’s start!

  • Nearly all your plans with your partner are last minute ones, but a week ago you both discussed all the plans beforehand;
  • You start to get angry with your close friends, because you are think about your parent not paying attention at you all the time;
  • Your priority partner is ashamed to visit important events or parties together with you without even giving any reasonable motive;
  • Even if you partner starts to date someone else, you will be always kept on the hook – just in case;
  • Your partner starts ignoring things that have always been of the highest importance for you;
  • Your text messages and emails are not answered anymore;

Partners ignore each other

  • When you call, your partner stops answering; however, when your partner calls, you must always be online;
  • It is you who is to blame in everything now;
  • Your partner does not remember what you say anymore. At the same time, you keep remembering everything;
  • You do not feel happy anymore; however, you wish your relations be restored.

It is you who is to blame in everything

What to do?

Do not get upset, first of all. Never allow anyone to injure you! Start leading happy life. Full it with event that you liked most before you had met your present partner. Just go in for sports, meet friends, or visit concerts. There are really plenty of activities that are definitely able to rejoice your broken heart. And who knows what will happen when you meet next time. Life is great! Just enjoy it!

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