How to forget your ex?

We all know how badly a break-up hurts. But is there a way to forget your ex and move on? Our answer is yes! And here is a list of things that can help you on a way to healing from all the pain.

how to forget your ex

It has never been easy just to let someone you loved go; it is not easy to forget all the happy moments you shared together. You hoped to have a “happily ever after” with this person, but all your dreams and aspirations were ruined one day, as you realized that you would never be together.

So now you know that you have to let it go, but you cannot. It feels like you have no strengths to do it and not enough will power to overcome this pain. However, you are not the first person to be struggling with this trouble. And people have come up with several ways of going through these dark times and forgetting your ex. So if you need a piece of advice on how to forget your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, keep on reading to see how to do that.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it has already happened, and there is nothing you can do to help him/her change his mind. It is painful, so do not try to get back to your daily routine and hanging out with friends. You need some quality time with yourself, your thoughts and your broken heart.

It 's okay to be sad about breaking up with someone, so do not try to persuade yourself as well as people around you that you have nothing to worry about. Take some time to grieve this loss. You have been hurt, and you need time to recover; do no play a strong woman or a man.

forget an ex

However, do not take too long; otherwise, you can fall into a depression, and that is not where you want to be after a breakup.

Another thing you should keep in mind in the healing process of forgetting you ex-boyfriend or a girlfriend is that you should try your best not to focus on the great moments you two shared. This is the worst idea ever, as you will only be able to appreciate those times after you move on, but not right now.

To forget your ex-boyfriend try to remind yourself the reasons you two are no longer together. If it was a healthy decision and these relationships ruined you instead of inspiring you to be a better person, then it was better for you to break up than to stick together. You should keep this in mind every time you will feel sad again.

And most importantly, pray to God to heal you and help you move on. Ponder on the verse in Psalms that says “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalms 73:26). God is there for you and hears your prayers to Him. He comforts the brokenhearted that walk with Him in all their ways.

How to forget an ex psalms

The next tip on how to forget your ex is to get rid of everything that can still remind you of him/her. You are in pain, so there is no need reminding yourself about it. Take the pictures off the wall, stop checking his Instagram account or going over your texts to each other. It will not help and will only make you feel miserable.

It might be useful if for some time you stayed away from the social networks. People keep posting the happiest moments of their life there. It does not think that they are always as happy in real life as they are on those social network pictures, but you will not know that, and it will make you sad.

You should also avoid communicating with your ex. DO not cut him/her out of your life completely, especially if you still have friends in common, and it will make the situation very awkward. However, try to reduce the time you spend texting him: this communication will lead you to desire something more than just talking to him, so stay away from it.

If you had some special traditions together with your ex, it is a good idea to avoid doing that for some time. For instance, if you always watched a particular TV show together, stop watching it for some time. You can get back to it in a while, but for now, it will only tear your heart apart.

Sure thing, try to go and see places. This time of your life is a perfect one to change the environment and hit the road for new emotions. Maybe there is a place you always wanted to go to but never had time in the last few months or years. Then remember, that it is a very good idea for you to go there now. You will meet new people, experience new emotions, change your focus and maybe even get inspired by the travel.

forget ex girlfriend

Again, since you have more time now than while dating, spend it wisely. Do not waste it on useless social networks scrolling down, but rather make a dinner for your family and invite them to eat and talk altogether. You can come up with games ideas or topics to discuss. You can also try getting to know them even better and play a “heart to heart” game when you ask random people random questions answers to which you always wanted to know.

Remember that you spent so much time with your ex that your family members will be more than happy to get all of your attention now. You can go shopping to buy them some great presents. This way you will change your focus from your ex to your most loved ones, and eventually, it will help you forget your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

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If you are a girl, try spending more time with your girlfriends. Female friendships are always a good idea. Girls know how to cheer other girls up, how to make them leave all the troubles behind and just have fun. Remember that you should not be looking for a new date right now. Probably, you are not ready yet and not completely healed from the pain the break-up brought into your life.

Therefore, female friendship is what you need. Do not cry too much about yourself to your friends, as it is quite tiring. However, be honest and vulnerable. And remember that you need to have some fun. Do not be too gloomy and join their adventures.

how to forget your great ex

Now is also a good time to start a new hobby. Remember how you always wanted to go to a music school or take painting lessons? Well, just do it now. Think of the things that make your life meaningful and complete and do them. Maybe you can ask your friends and family what you are good at and what they think you can try doing.

After giving yourself some time to grieve, make sure to have a very busy schedule. Add more classes, morning exercises or reading time to your day in order not to sit there and think of your ex-boyfriend. Remember that you need to get over him and it is not possible if you waste too much time thinking about him.

The workout is always a good idea, just like a cup of tea with a friend. Physical exercise has the magic power of cleansing your brain from all the waste in it. Do it regularly and put it into your daily routine. And later enjoy the great results it brings both to your mind and body.

breakup how to forget your ex

And try to stay outside as much as possible. Fresh air, new people, time to yourself – they all have the healing powers, so why not?

Finally, be in peace with yourself. Do not blame yourself for the breakup. It is in the past now. So just get the lessons out of it and move on. Now you know what things you should not do, what qualities to look for in your future spouse and what traits should be a warning to you. Do not repeat the old mistakes and be wise in the partner choice.

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