How to get a guy to date you exclusively in Nigeria?

Met a guy you REALLY like? Find out how to make him stick around and dat you exclusivly!

Ready for serious relationships? Want your guy exclusively dating you? We're going to share tips to reach such purpose! Follow the advice and prepare for a new step.

How to get a guy exclusively?

Whether you are ready

Make sure you are ready for exclusive dating yourself. There are several signs, which can help you in this task. They are as follows:

  • You are eager to know more details about him. You may already know much, nevertheless, if you're interested in man, it is a sign.
  • You take care of his feelings. If you're afraid of hurting him with words or actions, it means you value him and want him to be happy with you.
  • You cannot call him just a friend. You start feeling that calling him a friend provokes a kind of understatement. It means you are ready for the relations.
  • You get more focused. If this guy makes you more motivated in any of your everyday activity, it denotes that he is important for you, he makes you moving forward.
  • You tell parents about him. Everyone knows mother and father are two very important people in our life. If you are ready to share with them about a man, he is definitely special for you.
  • How to get a guy from nigeria?You crave him. It isn't simple physical attraction; it is something more. You can't live without him.
  • You aren't afraid of talking about your future. You can discuss your plans, or moreover, you want to discuss your future. In this case, you are absolutely ready for exclusive relationship.

You've all or majority of those signs? You are totally ready for the second stage. All you need now is to find out whether he feels the same.

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How to get him to date you exclusively

Well, you are finally ready for something more serious, but he isn't. Let’s observe some advice, which will allow changing situation and take your relations to the next level. Consider the following things:

How to get him to date you exclusively

  1. Trust. If you want something serious, you must be able to do it. If you can’t, than think twice. make certain that your level of trust is enough for exclusive relations.
  2. Do not expect marriage right now. When you start thinking and talking about it, your man might get scared. It does not mean he is not responsible or serious about your affair, it is just too early for this.
  3. Admit you're in love. In fact, your other half usually loves you too. That’s why you should not be afraid of saying it aloud. It will provoke next step.
  4. Ask him. If you have been dating for some time, it would be quite natural to ask him for exclusive relations. In most cases, guys say yes.
  5. Make sure both of you want it. Thus, you can analyze his actions and behavior. In fact, it is easy to understand if he is ready.

These are several advices, which can also prepare him to date you exclusively:

get him to date you exclusively

  1. Stop being desperate. Males don't like when women convince them. He must decide himself (or at least think he has decided himself). Otherwise, he may think everything depends only on him.
  2. Don't be easy to get. If a man notices you cannot live without him, he just turns off. Thus, let him make some efforts to conquer you.
  3. Make him think it is his idea. Even if you were the first to desire serious relations, he must think it was him.
  4. Create strong connections. He must enjoy the time with you.
  5. Do not play games. You should be straightforward. Even when you are scared of being hurt.
  6. Remember, if a man wants you by his side, the listed advice will help you. There's nothing to worry about.

Best dating tips for women

Best dating tips for women

Here we want to offer several tips, which will allow to develop your relation. Even if your affair has just started, they can be quite helpful for you. The list contains:

  1. Do not overindulge. It concerns everything – your behavior, words etc. When you want to relax, it's advisable to watch, for example, a comedy before the date. If you have dinner, order a normal one. Otherwise, you may offence your partner or make him think you are strange.
  2. Never invite a guy in after your first date. Of course, they want in. On the other hand, they prefer you will not do it. It'll show you are unreliable and light-minded. In this case, there cannot be any serious relations in future.
  3. Do not call often. Let guy make a step too. You may phone him sometimes, but not every hour.
  4. Live your life. A guy must not become a center of your attention. It is vital to meet with friends and to do your everyday activities. It is essential to remember he likes you with your personal interests and passions.
  5. Give your man a chance. Stop listening other people’s advice and experiences. Try your own. We are all different.
     dating tips for women

Exclusive dating is an important step in any relations. It is quite natural when you've been together for some time. However, there are moments you should help your guy to understand. Besides, make certain you are ready herself. Use advices and take your relationship to next stage.


I read all these tips. I think that the very young, inexperienced girls to help them. Especially I consider useful advice that is necessary to furnish the situation so that the man thought he was right, or that it was his idea. No need to immediately seek for a serious relationship. Enjoy the romance, first kisses, walks and no non-binding date. Serious relationship has little binding, holding back a little to some actions. So, better think before starting a serious relationship. Do not hurry with a serious relationship.

Answered 1 year ago.

Is there such women who do not like to get acquainted with the guys. So of course like to get acquainted. And a very interesting read. Interesting and good advice in the text. Many of these feelings I had, but I did not know what exactly they relate to this. When I was sympathetic guy I used all female methods. Maybe sometimes they were inadequate, thoughtless. But I got used to getting what you want. Sometimes it was me and not have to, but still went to the goal as stubborn sheep. Now getting good tips will use.

Answered 2 years ago.

To my mind, these are really good tips to the girls, who really want to have some serious relationships. But i think, that the main thing at each relationships is the trust , which should be between both partners, because without it can not be any understanding at all. Also a very useful tip - is to make sure, that you want it both, because every person wants something special from particular relations, so both should deside for themselves what they really need. It is great when you both think the same way and want the same thing. There would not be any missunderstanding in your couple.

Answered 2 years ago.
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