How To Get Girls To Love Me?


i really want to know how to get girls appreciate me very well.

have u got clues on that?

lets role on,

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Dont take thrash from them

and talk authoritatively


@ Zogo

i think you have a ''confidence'' problem or is the word complex appropriate. U r not sure of yourself, always wanting to please. if there is one thing girls dont like, its someone who doesnt have a mind of his own.

If a girl does not like u for u, move on.


Getting girls to like you is very easy. chek out this post on it:



@ poster

juz b urslf!!!!

a girl shuld luv u 4 who/what u are!!!



O think you are just a master of the game, no flattering. I'm talking from xperience. In fact u will discover that what got a girl crazy about you doesn't often make sense, i mean attraction happens illogically and she just cant help it.

@poster, pls dont over-use them cos i wont be there when girls will turn your house to a battlefield! LOL


sell your dad's property and give the money


Well! Guy, u 1st check or ask urself this ar U Good Looking? Jus be urself,be hornesy, be nice to them not too nice ,so u wont be taken aventage of. Try as much as posible not to say the turth about urself,and dont brage,

Let her know how u feel about her. in other words jus be nice clean and simple,u dont need money to win her over .it all hav to do with what u say and the time u say it and how u say it,

take care bro,


hey poster,

Here's a PARTIAL list of what creates that

ATTRACTION in women:

- Unpredictable

- Uncontrollable

- Challenging

- Dominant

Of course, there are many more, but this will

get you in the right course from the start.

Dont you hearr ladies say" i feel something for him", they didnt choose to , it just happened and its about the emotions so they have no control over it, ATTRACTION ISNT A CHOICE.


The only word i have for u is DO TO THEM WHAT SOEVER U WANT THEM TO DO FOR U.


Seun, sorry for dis-obeying your rule by placing my mail address, but still wants to help Zogo, Zogo see what a casanova said----So what DO women want? What are their innermost desires?

Let's face it. If you have no idea what women REALLY want deep

inside, you will never be able to please them completely.

You can buy them lots of gifts and obey all their wishes, but

they are not going to be attracted to you because you're not

giving them what they really want.

Okay. So what DO women want?


After years of interviewing women and men who are

successful with women, I've come to realize that there is only

ONE thing most women want from a guy: the ability to surrender

to him.

Every woman wants to surrender to the "right" guy.

Don't believe me? Just listen to what the following

girls have said to me in past interviews:


Natalia, age 24: "I want to surrender to a guy. Not as in a

'wave a white flag and let him walk all over me' kind of way,

but in a, 'surrender to him completely because I feel so GOOD

around him' kind of way. My fantasy is to have my guy in

a suit, kissing down my neck while rubbing his hands all

over my body. I want him to whisper sexy things in my ears,

to make me feel I want to surrender to him, to let him take

charge of my body."

Meg, age 21: "I don't like guys that suck up to me. I mean,

I enjoy it when guys buy me drinks and try to flatter me,

but I am not going to be attracted to these men romantically.

I mean come on - I need a man who is stronger than me - not

a little boy. I want a REAL man who can love, nuture, and

protect me. I want a MAN I can ADMIRE, not a boy who admires


Sarah, age 28: "Men should realize that in today's world,

women do not NEED men; We DESIRE men. We make the same money

as them so we do not need their money. What we need is the

FEELING of being in love. The feeling of surrendering to our

innermost desires. Like, "I love him so much, I am willing to

give up everything - just for him."


Listen. There is a darker side inside every woman

that wants to be dominated by a real man. Not in a "beat me

up and abuse me" kind of way, but in a "I want a man I can give

myself to" kind of way.

Women DON'T want your gifts and flowers. They DON'T

want your hopelessly chasing after them. What they REALLY want


IN THEIR DREAMS and make them feel WEAK in their legs.

They want to think, "I love him so much. I wonder how

he feels about me, ", not "Wow. That was a nice gift. This

boy likes me so much he brought me a necklace!"

They want to feel like YOU'RE the "right one" for them,

not because you "love" her and "admire" her, but because SHE

feels SHE loves and admires YOU.


There are tons of women out there that are WAITING to

surrender to you. Your dream date is NOT waiting for you to buy

her a flower or "gather the courage" to ask her out. She is

waiting for you to ENTER HER LIFE by making her feel "hopefully

in love" with you. She wants to feel weak in her legs and melt,

into your body.


What if you knew EXCATLY how to interact with women

in a way that would make them feel they want to SURRENDER to you

completely? What if you could build sexual chemistry with women

in a way that would make them think about you every moment?

How would your life be different if you understood the

key to making women feel "weak" on the spot? Instead of feeding

them power by trying to "buy their love" with flowers, gifts, and

compliments, what if you could TAKE THAT POWER AWAY FROM THEM

and make them SURRENDER to YOU? You would be walking around like

a king because you would have complete confidence with women.

After all, Why would you be afraid of women if they are already


I am not kidding. This is the "magical ingredient" that

is going to change your success with women overnight. Women

are going to look at you with different eyes from now on

because you're always so darn attractive. Men are going to

look at you with envy because they have NO idea why YOU'RE

getting ALL the girls.


Going by topic, "to get girls to love me" money does not really matter. but u definitely need it to sustain the love if the relationship is on going and ur both struggling financially.

back@ topic, "get girls to love me" id say work on Ur confidence, personality and oral creativity. Confidence is a huge turn on for ladies and the more ur able to make a lady laugh & feel comfy around u, the more control u have over her mind.

This is based on personal experience. Read books on female psychology, get to to know & understand them better, then u can have a picture of what is going on in the mind of every female u come across (intelligently).

Before you speak, u can tell what her response will be, at this stage u can "manipulate" but don't be playing with people's heads, its unfair!

There's no magic behind it, think of it, big celebrities falling in love with their minders, dancers, even ordinary guys from very humble background. Not because these guys have money or fame, but they've unique personality and confidence that strikes this women differently! This creates the ATTRACTION (d chance 4u), then ur ability to make her laugh, feel special,& see every reason to spend every day wiv u, is what will c u thru.

Just go for it, having in mind that it is a normal thing to be turned down occasionally, (Attraction is not based on choice, it just happens) if its not there, u cant force it, so don't waste ur time with whoever doesn't show interest.


thanks for ur opinions!

well, sombody's opinion here boderd on finacial strenght of a guy. now i want to ask, is/should money really be a "factor" for a girl to love u?


Be yourself and be a man - dont let them walk all over you.

Let your yes be yes and no be no - women respect men that are in control.


live confortable and have something to show as a big boy, maybe you'll be the one to choose.

big boys don't fall in love they hang in love.

first do you have a well paid job? If not bury your total dream of having one.


Be honest, truthful and social; and am sure they would love you.


stoping chasing them, let them chase u.

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