How to get to know whether you are dating a womanizer?

What are the brightest signs, which show that you are dating womanizer? Why the fact that he says too many compliments can become his disadvantage? Read the article not to be cheated by a womanizer.

Womanizer meaning

The most terrible fear of each girl is to fall in love with womanizer. Womanizer meaning is a man who flirts with many different girls, often at the same time. It isn't easy to distinguish him. But there are 10 strong indications, on which you must pay attention to see whether person is from womanizers.

  • His words don't correspond to actions. He is a real prince when he talks to you. But there is one problem: he promises a lot, but doesn't hurry to keep his promises. And if for the second day of acquaintance, he suggests you to have dinner with his mother and describes your wedding ceremony, be careful. Perhaps, he just wants to bullshit you.
  • He says too many compliments. Of course, compliments are very necessary and pleasant thing. But it is necessary to know when it is time to stop. If his speeches are sweet, prick up the ears. Perhaps, he just says typical womanizer quotes learned years ago.

womanizer quotes

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  • His photos on Facebook are commented only by girls. Or they make the most part of the list of his friends. If under his photos you find 25 delighted comments from various young ladies, be careful.
  • He has no relations with anybody long time. How do you think, why? The answer is simple: he doesn't want to. Short intrigues with different girls seem quite suitable for him (and perhaps, with several girls at the same time). There are no obligations, only pleasure.
  • He likes to flirt. Flirtation in reasonable doses is fine. To be honest, many guys are big fans of flirting to the nice girl. But if at the party he pays more attention to the mysterious stranger, and has absolutely forgotten about you, stop as soon as possible.
  • He is the most fashionable guy in your company. Any party doesn't take place without him. He spends all his evenings in the club. Many people turn around him all the time. And majority of them are females. Attention! It can mean nothing, and it is great that such cool guy has paid attention to you. But unfortunately very often favorites of public don't have fidelity, and relations with them come to an end very quickly.

dating a womanizer

  • Other sign that you are dating a womanizer – he constantly apologizes. Because he hasn't called you, or he was late for a meeting, or he couldn't come and so on. He constantly apologizes, but will never change anything to eliminate the reason of such apologies.
  • He doesn't acquaint you with friends or family. It can occur for various reasons. But one of them – he just changes girls too often and doesn't want to bother. The person who tries not to let you in his private life causes suspicions.
  • He doesn't call you by name. It is better to leave all tender sweet nicknames for low-quality ladies' novels. You have a name and, for certain, it is beautiful. He can't remember it? Or he is afraid to be mistaken?
  • He often jokes vulgarly. It shows that he doesn't respect you and your relations mean nothing to him. Ask him why he considers that your lovely conversation needs constantly to be diluted with dirty jokes about sex? It is interesting what the answer will be.

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