How to get your ex to like you again?

Have ever wondered how to return someone’s feelings? Read this article and maybe you will find the answers you are looking for!

how to get ex back

It’s hard to restore someone’s feelings. Especially, when she or he told you that those feelings for you were gone a long time ago. The same thing is when you left someone, but you want her or him back. So, how to get your ex to like you again? There are few methods, they are not guaranteed to work perfectly, but they require the time and some patience.


how to get ex back

Sometimes the best way to someone’s heart is to apologize frankly. Sometimes it works with someone who you have left certain time ago. Especially, if your actions provoked your breakup.
But you have to completely realize your fault and be sincere. Try not to show your targets, the main thing is to help the person you have hurt.

Provoke jealousy

how to get ex back

Most of times, we feel jealousy when we see our ex-partners with someone else. This trick is considered as classics.
It also works in reverse. If you’re sure that your ex hides feelings for you, go out with someone else. Yes, it’s not fair, but love is like a chess game, you have to plan your every ster.

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Try to be his/her friend

how to get ex back

Sometimes it starts with friendship. Try not to plan anything, except for being a friend to someone you love. Be someone who wants to see him or her happy. It will not necessarily work, but at least it gives you a chance to get closer.
And if there feeling between both of you, this friendship will be replaced by something bigger.

Be honest

how to get ex back

If you want him or her to feel something, show what you feel. Speak from your heart, try to be maximally open.
It’s easy, if you really feel something. Tell the person you love everything that lies on your heart and everything you ever wanted to say.
The result is unpredictable, but face it, it always works in movies and novels.


how to get ex back

Wisdom requires patience. Try to be wise, better than you are. This method is the hardest.
All the heights in our lives are taken by patience. The person you love has to understand what he or she really feels.
There are two possible endings and you know which. However, let’s hope that your patience will grant you success and your beloved one will feel the lack of you.

These were a few advices how to restore someone’s feelings. But remember, anybody can get it, the hard part is keeping it.
Human’s feelings are not a toy, and sometimes manipulations with it can cause bad situations.

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